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AbstractThe entrepreneurial form of business involves identification and assessment of opportunities; once that is done, a plan to exploit this opportunity is drawn with efforts to obtain necessary resources for the development of the idea (Ribiero & Roig, 03). Starting a business in a sole proprietorship form is very challenging but one would be able to fully be ownership of the business. Normally one starts from his/her own money and may later obtain loans. Before this is done, there is always a need to have a business plan for such projects to ensure a smooth kick-off of a business.

In a bid to demonstrate knowledge from an entrepreneurial perspective, this paper is out to present a detailed business plan for a coffee cart that will be located at or near the CQ University campuses in Australia. The cart will be one to serve the university community with coffee. The community in this case will be including the students, the university staff and the local community. The need for a coffee cart was because of high demand for coffee and fast food around the university area especially on cold seasons.

EXECUTIVE SUMMARY1.0. Business Description: Goals and IdeasJAO Coffee Centre will be a sole proprietorship form of business owned by an individual. This is because this type of business is highly flexible to operate with decision making being fast accompanied by a full share of the profit (Stockes 2010, p. 08; Kariv 2011, p. 07). The owner is able to bear the risks without a blame game in case one occurs (Greene 2009, p. 5). The owner in this case is the central owner of the business idea (Bruin & Dupius 2003, p.

01). JAO Coffee Centre will be located around all the campuses of CQ University campuses like Gold Coast campus and Brisbane campus. The business will first start at the main university campus and then expand to other campuses. 2.0. MarketingJAO Coffee Centre is a provider of special beverages at retail level. The centre uses a new system in the beverage and food industry to provide hot and cold beverages in a convenient and time-efficient way. The sole proprietors chose this kind of business because of its high global growth and the excitement involved in the food and beverage industry (Godsmark et.

al. 11). In addition to that, it aims to provide students with the choice of driving up and ordering for their choice of a custom-blended freshly brewed coffee or other beverages. JAO Coffee Centre is therefore an immediate solution to fast food and institutional coffee especially for the students of CQUniversity Gold Coast who will have it at lowered prices (Ferrel et al. 368). The business will continue to look at the customer's unmet needs through research to establish their purchasing power.

In this case, all the customers will be presumed to become regular customers. The main marketing activities of JAO Coffee centre will be rooted in consumer marketing because it will be offering fast moving products (Ford 2002, p. ix). The JAO Coffee centre will offer the students the finest hot and cold beverages with special blends of coffee, teas and custom drinks. Moreover, JAO will offer fresh-baked pastries, soft drinks and other confections on top of other offers like frozen coffee and hot chocolate.

JAO, which will be operating on a daily basis, will be targeting a large student population in all the campuses for its market. This would not leave out the university staff that will be out to get refreshments at their resting breaks. At every location for large student population, the shop will provide specially ordered cups for premium coffees in the fastest time possible.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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