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The paper 'Business Plan for Birmingham Sands" is a good example of a business case study. This five-year business plan for Birmingham Sands (the name adopted for our report destination) has been created by its founders as a way to strategize the way forward and secure additional funding for its growth and informing other stakeholders of Birmingham Sands current status as well as its short-term and long-term direction. Birmingham Sands is a new tourist destination concept in the UK and the founders expect it to have greater-than-anticipated demand from local visitors.

Its activities, products and facilities that are attractive. Research shows that Birmingham Sands target market is filled with tourist and sport-minded customers that would like local destinations where they can visit more often. They will also extend products and activities as per customers’ preferences, appeals and technological changes. New products will be added in its foods, clothing with logos and slogans. In addition, Birmingham Sands will explore opportunities for effective online promotion and marketing. The marketing environment is expected to be very receptive for offers that involve high-quality foods, better entertainment and activities similar to those offered in Arabic Desert Tents.

Eventually, enthusiasts will demand the service and through strong public relations and strengthening relationships they will frequently visit. Over the next 5 years, Birmingham Sands can increase its strategies to reach a wider market segment, offer new products as well as win new customers. 1.0 Introduction – History and background Desert camp is a new concept and majorly unique in Europe which will be based in Birmingham in the UK. The idea is to create an indoor kind of desert environment camp that will feature different kind of adventurous sports including camel rides, skating, horseback riding desert skiing, and desert bikes.

The concept will be developed after hiring a land where it can be implemented in Birmingham. Every item to be included will show off the adventure’ s slogan: “ Go Play on the Sand. ” Birmingham sand focuses on wide market segments that include the young, adults who are at child-rearing age and elderly adults by including multiple sports that will suit all these ages. Birmingham sand is founded with Arabic tourist attraction sites, culture, foods and experiences on the vast sands in mind to attract like-minded domestic customers to get a similar experience in their own country and expand domestic tourism as well as tap on revenues. Birmingham sand reflects a passion for indoor desert activities.

Currently, Birmingham sand concept focus on local consumers and particularly those from the age of 45 to 54 who have in the past three years comprised the largest group of tourists. In turn, the Birmingham sand concept will expand its attraction capabilities and work on towards ensuring that revenues triple every year.

This Business Plan will address the concept in details, how products will be introduced, environmental programs, entering the market and promotion, contingency planning and expansion plans. 1.1 Core Competencies Birmingham Sands seek to build on facts and markets trends data in the tourism sector and particularly tourist trends in the UK and other parts of Europe. It seeks to achieve sustainable competitive advantage by providing the same value other sand tourist destination provides and tap into a vast tourist market. There are foresighted competencies that Birmingham Sands foresees includes (1) offer high-quality activities and tastes whose image is well recognized among tourist who likes Arabic indoor sand events; (2) create a more sense of community among the UK tourists who will experience in their own country; and (3) develop a reputation in the Birmingham vicinities, as well as Europe as a reliable destination that delivers expertise and quality to vast customers.

Birmingham Sands founders will build on these competencies by effective marketing efforts to increase the products that are offered and distribution in different geographical regions.


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