Essays on Business Plan for Sunshine Cosmetic Trade Company Case Study

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The paper “ Business Plan for Sunshine Cosmetic Trade Company” is a  delightful example of a case study on business. The sunshine cosmetic trade company is involved in the production of cosmetic products. It’ s a sole proprietor start-up company that specialized in cosmetic products created by Ann. The company started on June 25, 2010, and it’ s supposed to run for a period of three years up to June 25, 2013. The industry started in Melbourne uses 15C Longkoudong, Tianhe be Melbourne address before extending throughout Australia. These products are used by almost everyone especially the young generation that forms a greater part of the company’ s products in terms of use.

Therefore the company’ s organizations and its operations have designed and geared towards open development and the use of cosmetic products to benefit its core customers throughout the world and in particular the youths. In pursuit of this mission the Sunshine Company has developed the following core activities for its business; Embarked on the open development facilitation mechanism standards, protocol, administration, and the technical efficiency of the cosmetic product. Builds communities to foster participation and promotes professionalism in areas important for the evolution of the cosmetic product. Provides consistent information about the cosmetic product. Coordinates and provides management strategy initiatives for the outreach efforts in education, societal and humanitarian contexts of the cosmetic product. Making a business plan should be the first step for the company’ s business accomplishments.

This should be done by everyone but it's well done for the starters and those who want to monitor their business developments. To plan for a new business one should consider his goals and objectives of a business over a short and long term investments.

The businessman can seek the knowledge of experts to advise on the planning and managing of a business plan. The business plan enables the businessman to locate his customer’ s needs and ways of reaching them. The enterprise's existence and development on the market depend entirely on the system's innovativeness and ability to uphold high-quality products and highly active customer care services for the customers. The advanced technological services should be used in the development of the products for customary certification. The future of the company should depend entirely on the professional services and employee training for fast development and growth of the business.

By the company upholding the international management services to improves the company’ s image and upholds the mutual benefit and the focused interest of the customers for the future development of the company. These communications are the platform of information by the senior management, consultants and the general employees.      

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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