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Executive Summary. This business plan report has been prepared by the board of directors of St. Luke’s Hospice, a charitable organization to seek fund from the bank help them start a restaurant and a cyber café to meet some hospital expenses. Due to the high demand by the patient, the hospital has not been able to give adequate support as it’s required due to lack of fund as they depend on donors and well wishers to fund their project. The capital was not enough are seeking $300,000 from the bank to assist.

They are starting a restaurant & a cyber café to serve the community around. The report has highlighted major areas of concern in starting a new business. The report has discusses marketing and marketing sales strategies. Among the marketing strategies are the market segment, competitive advantage, market differentiation and commercialization at the stage of introducing the product to the market. The report concludes by presenting the profit and loss and cash flow projections for the company. Introduction. St. Luke’s Hospice is among the charitable hospitals which is a charitable organization which provides free medical to all.

They finance their activities through donors and community well wishers. Currently the hospital has been facing some challenges due to poor respond of the donors. The organization needs to raise more funds through other small investment which can help improve the hospital supplement their expenditure. Through a consultant, the hospital management is to prepare a business plan proposal to the bank in order to raise fund to finance the project. Through the income from the Bestcheese Restaurant and cyber, the hospital will be able to supplement their expenses.

This plan has been designed and developed in order to obtain finances from the bank. Product & Services. Bestcheese Restaurant & Cyber café is a proposal by the management of St. Luke’s Hospice to the bank to seek financial assistance. By introducing Best cheese Restaurant & Cyber café, it will serve the public by ensuring they are offered affordable and good foods with very convenient set up services. Bestcheese Restaurant & Cyber offers unique services to their customers. The restaurant will also ensure university students from nearby get their very best cheese close to their door step of their learning institution.

A part from the satisfaction, Bestcheese restaurant will provide other activities like conference hall for meetings and this will also generate income towards the charity. Bestcheese Cyber and Restaurant aims to offer the best to their customers and win customer loyalty (Morden A R, 1994) which will help Bestcheese survive in the market; and in the entire service industry. They ensure they have the best computers and a reliable internet service provider to meet their customer needs and ensure efficiency is achieved (Kotler P. 1996).

MarketMarketing Objectives. Best cheese restaurant concentrates to employ the concepts and techniques of strategic marketing management strategies (Morden A R, 1994) in order to meet and fulfill its business aims and objectives. It concentrates on giving best the services to the public. Best cheese Cyber would be operated in order to improve and supplement the operating expenses of St. Luke’s Hospice. This demonstrates that the company would concentrate on targeting the right customer in order to develop long standing relations with them. In order to meet the organizational and business goals and objectives it is necessary that the marketing goals and objectives are incorporated and organized (Kotler P. 1996).

The company will launch its products in the local market and will concentrate on winning and maintaining its customers in order to maintain its position in the market (Kotler. P1996).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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