Essays on BUSINESS PLAN ( philosophy part) Coursework

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BUSINESS PHILOSOPHY Business Philosophy The South Sea Engineering Solutions Company is a new company that deals in automotive car chassis (firewall). The company’s location is in South Sea Portsmouth, and it has six members. The South Sea Solutions Company will have the reputation for ethical and responsible business dealings with its customers. The six founders have in mind the fact that great companies progress when the right procedure of doing things is in place. The company strives to treat business partners, customers and the employees with utmost honesty, fairness and respect in all the dealings that we may be having with them. The guiding values are strict and will be visible in every bit of the company’s dealings.

High ethical values are part of the company’s standards and it is the expectation of the company that all employees adhere to these values. This includes employees at every part or level of the organization, from the management staff all the way to the subordinate employees that are part of the company (Spiro, 2011, p. 1). The Guiding Values is the one thing that serves as part of the foundation of the business and we strive to adhere to the values that we have.

Conduct of business with Integrity is one of the values that we strictly embrace; this ensures that there is total honesty in all the services that we offer, all the goods that we sell are of the highest quality (Spiro, 2011, p. 1). Responsibility for actions is the other hallmark of our philosophy. The company will take full responsibility of any operation carried out by any of the employees and is of adverse effects; this will include chassis parts that are not compatible with the other parts of the car sold to the customers.

In connection with the subject of responsibility, we invest in expensive products that are of the highest quality to ensure that all customers get their money’s worth and full satisfaction in products (Inc. 2011, p. 1). The company does pursuance and support for innovation every day. This ensures that customers get the best and newest of products, in relation to the market trends that are there all over the world. The employees will ensure that there is increasing productivity at every level of business, and that the new products and innovations are in line with the needs of the customers.

We have customer’s interests and needs at heart before any other thing at the company. The Company will be a place where customers can recommend to friends and relatives for their car chassis concerns without the fear that there will be any disappointments (Inc. 2011, p. 1). To provide a healthy and suitable work environment where the employees are at peace with one another is the other thing that we strive to have.

We assure customers of a place that is comfortable to visit and have their car problems addressed. The staff gets the best professional training on proper customer relations to ensure that customers are well-treated (Spiro, 2011, p. 1). There is the provision of benefits for our employees together with their families, health and dental plans are in place to ensure that everyone is in their best state of health while carrying out their duties. The goal is to take care of our customers in the best way possible so that they can be comfortable with their purchases and confident with the services that we offer them.

We treat them in the same way that we treat ourselves to ensure that we keep both our customers and employees for a long period for the continuity of our business. These are the foundations of our business and we will strive to keep and adhere to them. List of References Inc. (2011). Company Philosophy: The Way We Do Things Around Here. Viewed on November 25th from http: //www. inc. com/guides/create-a-company-philosophy. html Spiro, J.

(March 18 2010). How to Create a Company Philosophy. Viewed November 25th from http: //www. inc. com/articles/2003/04/25365.html

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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