Essays on Business Planning for Cosy Health and Beauty Club Case Study

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The paper “ Business Planning for Cosy Health and Beauty Club” is a   persuading version of a case study on marketing. It was after realizing the high demands placed on the health and beauty club that I decided to start one of my own. This would also help in averting the increased stress levels in the workplace experienced by a huge percentage of workers in the globe. Through intensive research I learnt that stress in the workplace has been costing billions to the many nations of the world, this was also revealed by the survey conducted on psychosocial working conditions, which indicated that in 2004 and 2003, 16.5% and 15.2% of workers respectively behaved that their jobs were stressing them.

This in itself brought the need of starting a health and beauty club, on the other hand, I learnt that the number of those people who are obese had risen at an alarming in England, for example, more than 30,000 people die annually as a result of obesity. My initiatives to start ma health club was based on the assumptions that all these people suffering obesity would not be experiencing their present conditions had there been a health and beauty club to offer them their required services.

(Packham, 2002) The BusinessI, therefore, settled on starting Cosy health and beauty club. The club opened at a very spacious and strategic room so as to attract as many clients as possible as well as providing the necessary comfort required by the visitors. The vision of the Club is ensuring quality services to the clients with a mission of becoming the market leaders in health and club services.

I ensured that the club was well staffed so as facilitate the lending of services to the customers the club had also to employ professional consultants and doctors who would provide advanced professional services, most of these doctors had a Chinese origin who was very resourceful and conversant with Chinese treatments and traditions. To diversify my services I also hired some doctors from India, United States and Australia thereby bringing many professionals and talents from various corners of the world to my business for the convenience of my clients I choose a strategic location i. e.

at the heart of London. This location would ensure that the repurchase – satisfaction intensions relationship were fair – the city of London is a known place in attracting many visitors annually who come to relax and have fun. (Bob and Ron, 2OO2) Marketing PlanTo come up with the desired business plan I applied the PESTLE Framework that helped me in examining the external environmental factors that influence a health and beauty club that has all the considerations regarding the external environmental factors. In addition, I applied the Porters 5 forces model that assisted me in establishing features that would place the club in a competitive advantage over its competitors within the health industry as well as in establishing its weak points.

I also conducted a financial assessment, which was supposed to guide me on how to use my finance as well as the expected repayment period (Hakim, 2000)   

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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