Essays on Critical Analysis in the Real World - Nissan Motors Company Assignment

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The paper "Critical Analysis in the Real World - Nissan Motors Company " is an outstanding example of a finance and accounting assignment. An investment is a sensitive step in the life of an individual or an organisation since it is an important aspect that one can not predict the results. Taking the step of investment is a great risk as there is the threat of failure and the prospects of success. For a company like Ethical Investments making the right choices on the companies, they want to invest on is a natal decision.

This may not be an easy process as they will have to be conduct research on the prospective companies to determine which will best suit their interests. Hence, this report is going to focus on the three prospective companies being considered by the Ethical Investments, which are; Nissan, Rio Tinto and Vestas. The report on the three companies will be able to cover the important factors that will guide Ethical Investments in the decision making process. The financial merits and the environmental merits will be greatly reflected in the report.

This always reflects the business performance and in turn, it will help the company forecast future results. Looking at this two can be rather conflicting but will be rather important in the decision-making process. The financial merit will clearly indicate that the company is keen on making profits and there is a progressive improvement. On the other hand, environmental merits will help determine the social status of the company. This will also help define the salary increment process of the companies. This report aims to cover the business performance of the three companies to help determine their future in the economic market.

The report will mainly focus on the achievements and the progress a company is making. F the company has had a strong trait in the market for a while then it is likely to be more suitable for investment purposes. Methodology Conducting this research will require both primary sources and secondary sources.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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