Essays on Benefits of Big Data, Its Effect on Business Case Study

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The paper "Benefits of Big Data, Its Effect on Business " is a perfect example of a business case study. During the 90s the major focus of IT firms was to enabling and also recording information and transactions that were faster to the businesses so as to ensure an increase in productivity in the business. However, with the evolution and increase in the usage of the internet, the firms have turned their focus to ensuring that there is faster delivery of information in the IT documents that are used in all sectors.

The computers and IT equipment are being innovated to ensure that the information got is wide and up to date as required. These organizations are facing the challenge of finding better ways of analyzing, monetizing, and also capitalization the information that is being channeled and also integrated into various businesses (Mauro, 2016, pg. 125). This coming age is being touted as the age of Big Data IN the IT market place today, the idea of Big Data has a very great impact once it comes to the usage of large information being delivered to the firms.

The shorthand usage of new technology and also the design that is done so that they achieve the economic value that is required to be obtained through the large volumes of data. High rates of capturing, analyzing and also the discovery of information are the main focus. Those organizations that do impress technology and have gone ahead to implement technological solutions to most of their problems are said to make decisions that are real-time decisions through the big data hence this will make them gain a competitive hedge against those organizations that are unable to impress this technology.

With the Big Data, businesses are said to make decisions that are more accurate and informed, which will make them to be more aggressive and consolidate easily in order to accommodate change (Richard, 2012 pg. 6). The emergency of Big Data for the case of IT firms is not all about the For IT organizations, it is not all about the deployment of new software technology or new application. This represents a new way of doing things in the IT industry.

It brings about new administration skills, designing the systems and also a new method of data management and other policies that required a new approach.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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