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The paper "Business Strategy - Oticon" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Oticon is a company in Denmark that used to be among the best in the market as far as hearing aids were concerned (Nandram and Borden, 2010, p. 83). The evolution as well as progress is seen among other competing companies such as Siemens Audiologische Technik and Starkey, forced Oticon into a precarious slippery position in the industry, particularly globally where the company exported most of its products to. The company was established in 1904 and during the mid-90s, it became best known for a radical turnabout within the firm that was intended at assisting the company achieve its complementary objectives of increasing the empowerment and responsibility of its workers, decreasing the product development cycles, enhancing interaction with the customers as well as the creation of new knowledge (Burton et al. , 1998, p.

400). The company’ s CEO who was responsible for the “ spaghetti organization” turnaround, consequently became a press favourite. In numerous ways, the strong publicity that was received by this experiment was warranted entirely (Picot, Reichwald and Wigand, 2008, p.

185). Overview of the companyOticon was started by a Danish citizen named Hans Demant who had an extremely personal objective in mind as he wanted to enhance the lives of his wife, Camilla who lived with hearing loss (Rivard, 2004, p. 166). Through the couple was lucky to have a chance of visiting proficient doctors in Berlin and Vienna so that Camilla could have her ears checked, there was no intervention at that time that could assist in making her hearing better through surgical practices or hearing technology that existed at that time (Shi and Silvius, 2011, p.

151). At almost the same time, Alexandra married Prince Albert and became the queen and people became aware that she had to use an Acousticon electrical hearing aid which was the first-ever hearing aid that could be carried around, as she used it in the process of her coronation. This device was bulky and thus was more obvious to the public to notice. Hans Demant travelled to England in 1903 to make a purchase of the Acousticon for his wife and she realized that it significantly assisted her in her hearing.


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