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The paper "International Food Group - Business Strategy and Governance" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Innovation is a very important process in any business. Creativity is important in order to ensure that the business remains profitable. International Food Group (IFG) as an organization has finally realized the need to tap on the creativity of the executives to ensure relevance and increase in the market share. The reason Josh Novak is invited to the company headquarters is in furthering and nurturing creative stints that have seen his former company Glow-Foods grow in bounds. Business scholars see the creative process as a four-stage process; preparation, incubation, illumination and execution (Schuler 2002).

Preparation involves the process where the managers and junior executives brainstorm in a creative environment. This stage prepares the company with a list of viable opportunities and projects. The projects vary in timing and the number of resources to be used. The second stage is incubation, the list of ideas at this stage are vetted in order that the company may come up with the ones that can lead to long-term company profitability.

This stage also requires the person to synthesize the ideas as they analyse them. The business trends are important in the incubation period. This may be the reason behind Tonya James advice to Josh’ s team that they ‘ need to open the eyes wide and keep the ears to the ground for any innovative technologies. ” The third stage involves illumination which simply means that it is a stage that enhances the creative stage to be discovered. This requires a lot of market research and team effort. The business at this stage should ensure that all the workers involved are engaged effectively to come up with a viable option.

Finally, all the ideas that have been discovered should be put into action through execution. In a competitive business, environment businesses need to actively mobilize the resources to execute the business ideas before other competing organizations come up with a similar implementation plan which may hamper the organization efforts (Valentin 2006). OBSTACLES Though Josh Novak has been successful at Glow-Foods, serious obstacles await him and his team at the IFG headquarters at Chicago. There is however some benefits that Josh experiences, the first concerns his remuneration scheme.

His salary under the management of IFG is almost doubled as compared to the current earning capability. But just as the old adage says “ All that glitters is not gold’ a herculean task awaits him in implementing a marketing strategy through the new arrangement. The following are some of the challenges that confront Josh affecting him personally and his team. Bureaucracy and accessibility. It becomes clear that the management of the IFG has a laid down structure that encourages inaccessibility.

The laid down authority protocol illustrates the great hurdles Josh’ s team is to encounter before any of their ideas is implemented. It all starts with the conversation between him and Tanya James. Tanya James informs him that they can only meet on Friday afternoons at four o’ clock. An open-door policy is very important for an organization that wishes to be creative and have a niche in the market. As his junior, this kind of arrangements means that his hands will be tied in case he wishes to address an urgent matter that relates to his innovation experience.

The assurance that she can get back through e-mail within 24 hours is not satisfactory. This is a serious obstacle since such bureaucracy will slow the creativity stage.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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