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The paper "The Anti-Doping Agency of the United States " is an outstanding example of a business assignment.   The Anti-Doping Agency of the United States declared Lance Armstrong a serial cheat in a report they issued. An article on BBC sport analyses the benefits and potential pitfalls that Armstrong will encounter from his interview during the Oprah Winfrey show. Law is divided into various categories which include criminal law, tort law, administrative law, property law, constitutional law, international law among others (Lambiris 11) The aspects of this media report that relate to the law involve the following: Criminal law The Anti Doping Agency of the United States accuses Armstrong of conspiracy, drug distribution, fraud, and this entire amount to criminal charges (Lambiris 11).

His admission to doping case against him will confirm the charges. This will even serve as evidence to the criminal law. The chances of defence in the case become minimal through the self-confession and the judge would take that as a guilty plea. An accusation of lying under oath could be tabled. Witness tampering is also a crime accusation that Armstrong from the federal government. Contract law There was a contract agreement between U. S postal service that sponsored Lance Armstrong.

The contract required that no athlete should dope, but Armstrong breached it. The breach of a contract could attract punishment in a court of law, in the form of monetary compensation or damages (Lambiris 15). Civil Law Walsh newspaper is claiming a payment of about 1million U. S dollars they paid to Armstrong for libel accusations against them. The company that sponsored Armstrong sued him for doping. These entire allegations amount to civil law since those were private matters (Lambiris 11).

They also sued him for fraud since he breached their contract and still benefited from their sponsorship. The donors of the cancer charity foundation created by Armstrong sued him for fraud. The civil law provides for compensation against any breach of contract (Lambiris 18). This would reimburse the company. The interview with Oprah would strengthen the case of the company against Armstrong. Functions of Law Demonstrated In This Report a) How the law allows people to organize and plan: The lawyers handling Armstrong’ s cases have ensured they have gathered substantial evidence to defend and prosecute him as required by law.

The law required Armstrong to present his defence to the anti-doping agency of the United States within 21 days. This is time allowed to the accused to prepare for any case and gather their own evidence on accusations tabled. b) How the law encourages or discourages these activities: The contract signed between Lance Armstrong, and the insurance company provides that no athlete is to dope. Doping is a criminal offence. Therefore, the law is discouraging these activities by athletes. The law requires that athletes perform their duties correctly without breach of any provisions provided in the agreements signed. c) How the law creates rights and duties that can be enforced: Duties and rights of athlete are clear in the agreement that they sign with their sponsors.

The International Organization Committee governs athletes with respect to matters of Olympics. This provision allowed the athlete to plan and perform his or her duties with the knowledge and consequences that are likely to arise from doping. According to law, Armstrong faced a ban from his sport due to the alleged accusations brought forward against him.

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