Essays on The Role of Activists in Achieving Social and Environmental Sustainability Assignment

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The paper "The Role of Activists in Achieving Social and Environmental Sustainability" is a perfect example of a business assignment. Over the last few decades, I have seen corporations engaging in activities that show their concern for the environment. There has been a positive social change where the corporations are taking initiatives towards improving the well-being of people living around them especially on environmental issues. However, this has not been the issue before and corporations only used to think of their economic advancement. The only way corporations could think of communities around them is only by improving their economic status by offering them employment.

However, this could only benefit a few who get the change for that employment. But I have seen changes in the current trend where corporations are taking the responsibility for the environment due to the communities that surround them. This has however been successful due to many activist groups that have risen to point some mistakes that corporations are making. Some corporations had been aware of their impact on the environment while others have not been aware. It is therefore until some activists have brought to the attention of communities living around some corporations how some undertakings may affect their environmental sustainability.

The United Nations is one body that has taken this position. For example, the launch of the United Nation’ s Global Compact in 1999 involved various corporations from the world in working towards advancing ten principles that address human rights and the environment among other issues (Sandhu, 2010). Other activist groups are just formed by people who are known among the members of the community who inform others on some injustices that are being done to them. Industries have for a long time polluted the environment without being asked even by the governments.

I think that governments have also realized that economic stability alone is not enough. They may have realized that they cannot be economically stable in dirty environments. That is why when communities forward complaints about environmental degradation by some corporations, they are at least given a listening ear.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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