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The paper "Buyer Behaviour at P& G " is a perfect example of a marketing assignment. Perception is a process, by which a person receives, selects and gives interpretation to certain stimuli so as to give a coherent and meaningful picture. Perception comes as a result of intrinsic predisposition like motives, expectations and learning and also as a result of physical stimuli i. e. audio, sight and smell. During the perception process, people will see the world from different perspectives. Every day, an average consumer is exposed to over 1000 advertisements but only 3% will be noted.

Different companies have come up with several advertisements that try to appeal to their potential customers. As in the case of Procter, the company is broadening its appeal in the eyes of its customers. The fact that they have budgeted over $50 million in adverts through online ads, content in social media and displays in stores is a clear indication that they are trying to get more attention from the customers to get more appeal from them. According to perception theory, consumers tend to perceive the things they are in need.

Their process of perception accustoms itself more closely to environmental factors that are important to them. In the case of Procter and Gamble, the campaign for the “ I am” products that it has no ingredients like artificial preservatives and added sugar will be most likely to get the attraction from the consumers since this might be one of their perceived needs. During the perception process, attention of something will occur when a stimulus triggers the sensory receptor which will send sensations to the brain to be processed.

Therefore, attention will be affected by the physical characteristics of a stimulus which include the size and the intensity, contrast, position, movement and color. The commercials of the P& G featuring pets rather than animals will have a positive impact on the interpretation of information by the customers, therefore, influencing them to make the purchase. Therefore, since perception is affected by the physical characteristics of a stimulus, it is recommended that companies should run appealing ads that can attract the attention of the customers. The retention rate is high if the commercials feature the information the potential customers needed to see. Innovation When it comes to innovation, there are different dimensions i. e.

firm oriented, product-oriented, market-oriented and consumer-oriented point of view. In a firm oriented, it is a product that is new to the company. In the product-oriented innovation, the product in itself is new in the market and it has some impacts on how the consumers use the products. It can be classified as: Continuous innovation-it does not disrupt the usage patterns of the consumer Dynamically continuous- rather disruptive but does not alter established usage patterns Discontinuous- need the consumers to assume new patterns of behavior. In the case of Mushroom lotions, P& G Company is launching a new product that uses innovativeness of traditional ingredients and targets men in China, a segment that is one of the growing markets.

The rapid rate of diffusion of Mushroom products in the market place will be determined by how Chinese men will observe the product. It will also depend on the efforts of marketing the product, high observability by the customers, individual adoption decision and low risks. The rate of diffusion on the Chinese market if there are low complexity and change-prone target market.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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