Essays on Cadburys - Market Size and Potential, the Category and Structure, the External Environment Case Study

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The paper “ Cadburys -   Market Size and Potential, the Category and Structure, the External Environment” is an  inspiring example of a case study on marketing. Cadbury as a brand has been performing for decades. Cadbury “ is a confectionery company ranking second among the world in that line of business” . (Cadbury Company Website, 2010) The company started in 1824 and since has increased its business by launching different products with different variant in different countries. The company has recently launched a new variant in the name Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk which is rich in chocolate and nuts. MissionCadbury’ s has been in business since 1824 and have continuously grown as a company by entering new countries and by launching different products.

Cadbury’ s vision is to ensure “ a Cadbury in every pocket” (Singh, 1999) and the company has been working tirelessly to achieve it. This is fully backed and supported by their mission statement which says quality. To ensure this mission the company has been making continuous improvements so that they are able to deliver on the promises made. Objective of CadburysCadbury’ s primary objective is to identify whether the new product Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk will go well with the customer.

The company has been doing well in this arena and have seen people respond positively to this product. This has made it more important for Cadburys to identify the target market and marketing strategies. This is based on the backdrop that Cadburys Dairy Milk Silk is costlier chocolate in comparison to the other brands the company has. This makes it important that the company identifies what influences customer purchasing and what plays an important part in the customer deciding a particular product.

The company needs to identify these basic traits which will help them market their product effectively and help this brand to go well with the customer requirements. The company objective is also towards pursuing a method where they are able to use their experience and develop products that match customer requirements. The company at the same time is looking towards using a match between the advertisement and their objectives so that they are able to divert their attention and gain maximum leverage from using a mechanism which helps the company to grow their brand and build themselves as a bigger brand. The brand under Cadburys UmbrellaCadburys has launched many variants and different brands looking into the different aspects and attracting people of all ages.

The brand under Cadburys looks as follows The above chartIt shows the brand Cadburys has and in addition to it, a large number of variants are available for each. Even the company has ensured that it launches this product in different sizes and packs so that all segments can be eyed. Technology and experience have aided in their product line.

The company has been able to understand the wants of the customers and launch their products accordingly. The ability to understand the customers and use the changing technology in that direction has ensured that Cadburys is able to develop the brand. Technology has helped immensely to develop new products. This has enabled Cadbury to launch products like Temptation where it has ensured that the chocolate is different from their original brand and helps to satisfy customers. Thus, the growth in technology and experience has aided towards the growth of Cadbury as a brand.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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