Essays on Operations Management Problems in the Nike Company Case Study

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The paper "Operations Management Problems in the Nike Company" is a great example of a management case study. Operations management is a branch of organizational management that entails designing, overseeing as well as redesigning of the operations in an organization or business in the process of production of services and goods (Peter, 2007). It involves the process of ensuring that the operations in an organization or a business are efficient in the sense that few resources are put into use and also that the needs of the customers are meet effectively (Gottschalk, 2005).

There is also an aspect of involving more than one technology in the process of project operations. Project management is a very important aspect of any organization. It entails a discipline that deals with the organization, plan resource management and security. All of which is geared towards the accomplishment of the organization’ s objectives, goals and mission. According to Lock, 2007, project management works hand in hand with the management of the program but it is technically ranked higher than the project management because it entails a group of so many but related projects that are under one management in a certain project.

Management refers to the process whereby the managers have the things in the organization done by as well as through the people (Peter, 2007). Purpose of the study The purpose of this study is to find out the main four problems associated with the operations management in Nike Company as well as recommend a solution to each of the problem. Scope This case study is limited to the study of problems associated with the operations management in the Nike Company.

The study not only focuses on the identification of the problems but also in giving solutions to the problem. Each of the problems is dealt with in a unique manner as compared to the other objectives. Additionally, as per earlier views, this study is not exhaustive in its scope, and since it is associated with objective-oriented in nature, it is thus essentially broad and empirical. All the analysis given in the report is of empirical evidence and there is a perfect sign of the results that are also given in the analysis Company background Nike is one of the leading companies in the whole world in the production of shoes and many other sports equipment and clothes.

It is one of the companies that have been facing a great deal of competition from upcoming companies like Addidas. It is well known for the production of very high-quality shoes like for volleyball, wrestling, tennis, golf, athletes, football and baseball. It also manufactures equipment for fitness, accessory and apparel products. The headquarters is located in Beaverton in the Oregon state. It has many supply chain systems, which have extended all over the world including the third world countries. Methodology Research according to Wilkinson & Dale (1999) it refers to the structure or a plan that is followed in selecting the subjects that will provide appropriate information.

Thus, this means that the research design provides an opportunity for the researchers to describe what processes must be gone through before reaching the results of the research as well as the conclusion on the research problem. Important features found in the research design are of the empirical evidence or aspects and they determine decisions that will be made on areas such as what the population needs population samples as well as the credibility of the research.

Moreover, very important questions that are answered by the research design will help in knowing what kind of study is to be done and the appropriate strategy can be used. In most cases, inappropriate designs of research may not be in a position to fully answer some of the questions but researches that are designed appropriately will answer all the questions providing precise, efficient and logic tight conclusions.

Research method according to refers to an orderly and systematic approach in the analysis as well as a collection of data: the data is very raw, specific, undigested and therefore it is not meaningful. However, the analyses of that data will provide a chance to ensure that the data is translated into a more meaningful form and can solve all of the study questions. Numerous methods have been recorded in the literature, which provides some means for the research works. However, they always vary depending on topic nature as well as the scope, sources of data that will be used, the purpose of the study, and control during the collection of the data and the final assumptions that will be made during analyzing of the data.

Questionnaire and interviews will be used to collect data.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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