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The paper "Career Action Plan of an Individual" is a wonderful example of a Business assignment. As a management accountant, my responsibilities synch perfectly with my personality. I am meticulous in my work and such, auditing and preparing financial records comes easy. Books of records balance out so as a perfectionist. I am also able to confirm the accuracy of my presentations to the board of directors.   . I also have a passion for financial analysis. This is also articulated semi-annually when I advise the firm on what directions they will take in terms of investing and preferential production departments.

Through looking at accounting records, one can identify the mistakes management is making and the departments that are being underutilized in terms of production (Auyeung & Sands, 1997). One is also able to identify recyclable materials that will lead to abnormal profits by the company. Accountants also ensure that companies are running according to the laws about the company. This enables companies to evade lawsuits and unscrupulous and/or illegal dealings. Graduate and employability skills I hold a Bachelor’ s degree in Accounting. I have also worked with two accounting firms.

This has sharpened my skills through repetitive tasks, especially during tax season. The firms had few employees which translated to every member having to do bulky work. We were also shuffled within the department. This made us skilled in handling all financial statements of an entire company individually. This, however, is not an adequate skill as I am still going to need a Certified Public Accountants certificate to make external audits for the company. I have a passion for accounting. I also have a passion to see organizations grow and flourish.

This is possible through advanced research of the marketplace which helps one identify niches in the organization that become the competitive advantage of a company.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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