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The paper "British Airways Discrimination Cases" is a wonderful example of a case study on human resources. Eweida Nadia in September 2006 was suspended after the refusal of concealing a small crucifix at her Heathrow Airport post. She claimed that it was her right to express her faith by displaying her crucifix. She was reinstated in the second month of 2007 after British Airlines had its uniform policy revised. Eweida claimed being discriminated against on the basis of her religion and sought twenty thousand pounds in back-dated payment and British Airways compensation.

She claimed to have declined eight thousand five hundred pounds from British Airlines as an out of court settlement. The tribunal for employment said that being an Evangelical Christian professing Anglo-Egyptian origin; Eweida has broken regulations of the firm without any substantial reason. The policy prevailing at the time needed jewelry to be worn from a place it could not be seen (Pitcher). Nose stud caseThe GMB union asked the airline to intervene following Lalji Amirit dismissal on September 20th, for wearing a nose pin. Lalji was employed in the British Airline VIP lounge in Terminal 1 of Heathrow where he was employed by Eurest UK.

Lalji was dismissed for going against management instruction when she declined to remove the nose pin while on duty. She claimed that she was practicing her Hindu religion through the wearing of the pin. Her case is similar to Eweida who was dismissed but later on reinstated for wearing a crucifix while on duty. Tahir Bhatti, the GMB organizer, requested British Airways to come in and ensure immediate reinstated of Lalji without any negative impact on her pay.

The union claimed that it was after a British Airline representative complained of the nose stud bring worn by Lalji after over a year into her employment that Eurest sought to commence disciplinary charges against her (Pitcher). Theoretical-enhanced analytical reportThe cases appearing in news reporting highlight pertinent issues surrounding human resource management at British Airways. Being a leading airline in the United Kingdom, British Airways has been confronted by many challenges especially in human resources concerning an appreciation of culture and religion together with recruitment issues. Lalji's case follows that of Nadia who wears a religious symbol at the workplace.

Nadia was accused of not concealing her crucifix while Lalji was accused of refusing to remove the nose stud when at work.


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