Essays on Unilever Should Continue to Invest in Marketing Skin Lightener Case Study

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The paper "Unilever Should Continue to Invest in Marketing Skin Lightener" is an outstanding example of a case study on business. 1. Introduction Corporate social responsibility of firms helps to contribute to the community within which it works and makes profit. The principle of doing well by doing good has been adopted by firms to ensure that their profits are not marginalized while doing public service. Fair & Lovely, a product of Hindustan Lever Limited, subsidiary of Unilever, has 60-70% market share in Indian market. They believe that they are doing public good as the affordable product helps the poor to maintain their dignity when they use this whitening cream.

It empowers the women because it makes them better looking and they feel good. 2. Problem identification The advertisements of Fair & Lovely are demeaning to women and show racist approach towards color of the skin. They also undermine self-worth of women. 3. AnalysisWith nearly 70% of market share in India, the product has few competitors and makes tremendous profits through the advertisements. Advertisements are racist and adversely impact the women’ s dignity when they show that dark skin is detrimental to the welfare of women.

Women achieve their desired goals when they become fairer is undermining their abilities to compete fairly in a free society. Moreover, scientific studies maintain that cosmetic industry has strong lobby and therefore, the firm is able to sell a drug with chemical in the guise of cosmetic, which is ethically wrong. 4. Strategic options The company needs to redefine its advertising strategy and promote its cosmetic benefits in ways that do not undermine women’ s dignity. The affordability of the product is important factor that can be used to promote it. 5.

Recommendations and implementationsThe firm must use self-regulation. The makeover of values is key to become ethical in its advertising. They should give statutory warning in the product about its adverse effect and use of chemicals. The firm needs to reassess its social responsibilities by working towards social issues which can make community self-reliant and empower women.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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