Essays on Case Studt: Zero, Brammo And The Electric Motorcycle Industry Math Problem

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Analyzing The Zero Motorcycles Company’s Case StudyMain Competitive Advantage of Zero Motorcycle Company: The first competitive advantage that Zero motorcycles possesses is both the introduction and application of the customer- based product development approach: this fact compliments with the Company’s major goal of providing the customers with efficient, environmental friendly and products of high quality. Having put the consumer’s interest at the forefront it is safe to indicate that the Company postulates its desire of meeting the specific customized needs. It is further observed that the Company was not in the business of launching a product that would not record massive sales and the only way to conduct this performance was by way of establishing and maintaining a stronger customer-manufacturer trust that was worthwhile in that matter.

This indeed catapulted the product line expansion approach which demanded that a product could only be offered for sale after it had passed the customer’s expectations altogether. Having known its entire market niche, it is safe to postulate that the management could use it to include both the potential customers as well as those that already exist.

The market niche is developed through the establishment of figures for sold units. The fact that the Company’s directly deploys the customers in its operational activities beats other strategies that it currently has in place in that with the customer’s getting to decide on efficiency, quality and performance of the product definitely implies that they are willing and able to purchase the tested units altogether. This strategy is far the best strategy which increases to customer’s curiosity that translates to voluminous sales. The second competitive advantage is the continual diversification of the motorcycle models altogether.

The Company’s first introduced the Zero X model which was basically later improved on to become Zero MX. The numerous models observed throughout the case study clearly indicates that Zero Motorcycles was far much indeed interested with producing units that had a value for the money paid to purchase them altogether. This aspect part of the strategy could be operationalized by insisting on more of Research and Development activities that will enhance the current performance rate of those models being produced. This competitive strategy is realistic and workable in the sense that it can be perceived to be incorporated within the diversified manufacturing operations in the Company’s manufacturing set-up altogether.

The third competitive advantage is the fact that Zero motorcycle partnered with Prosper. Com to distribute its products efficiently. The partnership increased sales volume in the sense that willing customers were now able to purchase the units at much affordable prices as well at a very convenient payment methodology altogether. This competitive strategy also increased the market niche for the products throughout the United States.

The fourth competitive advantage lies with its effort to include a network of its product representatives who provided first hand support for the units purchased. This associate to the Company were of great value as they embarked on sharing their respective entrepreneurial visions with that of the Company as a whole. They not only increased the sales capability of the firm but also supported needed by the customers especially when it came to the different models of the units produced altogether. The fact that the Company selects its representatives on the basis of their entrepreneurial interests provides a fundamental platform for which effective decisions can be made by the management at hand.

The information that can be gathered at different representation points can be juxtaposed by the research and development department to formulate even more effective strategies. At this point in time, It will be safe to dwell on increasing the partnership presence with other e-commerce points thus increasing the market niche as well as sales volume altogether. It will also be wise to increase the resource allocation needed for Research and Developments that are customer based so that the Company can as a result comprehend the specific requirements that customers desire in a motorcycle.

When clear and well thought-out measures are put into place then these recommendations are realizable and workable in that matter.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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