Essays on The Organizational Culture of HBO Company Case Study

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The paper "The Organizational Culture of HBO Company" is an exceptional example of a management case study. Every entrepreneur starts the business with the sole goal of succeeding and making enormous gains in the long run. For every business to succeed, strategic plans have to be carefully formulated and strategically implemented. The strategic plans are usually made at the top level of the organizational structure and involve plans that cut across more than five years. (Mintzberg, and Lampel, 2003) Strategic planning is one of the key pillars of long-term business establishment.

It involves analyzing the past business trends, understanding the current position and predicting how the future will be given various business environmental factors. The business environment consists of both external and internal factors without which the business would collapse. Thus the management must put into consideration not only how the environment affects the business but also how the business affects the environment in return. (Mintzberg, and Lampel, 2003) HBO company management has been making crucial strategic decisions over the years. This has not only made it be the market leader but also has kept its competitors envying its success.

The management has to have a dynamic approach to strategies for the company to maintain the lead in the market. This requires diligence, persistence and accurate prediction of the foreseeable future. (Ringland, 2002) Various theories have been applied by HBO Company in its efforts to maintain high caliber entertainment services. Differentiation is one of the major strategies which have made it cross many hurdles in the competitive service industry. Differentiation is enhanced by developing the company’ s products in such a way that the customers are able to easily distinguish it from other competing products.

Differentiation may mean having distinct features in the products and services being offered in the market. Some times it means having copyrights and trademarks or distinct trade names. The branding is also distinctive at times with packaging and naming which g appeals to the customer. Market strategies also incorporate the competition factor in focus. For an organization to survive competition, it has to devise both offensive and defensive strategies. Barriers to entry and price wars are the most common strategies used by rivalry companies.

Production of high-quality entertainment services and innovation has kept HBO Company on the lead. (Ringland, 2002) The Organizational culture has to be established in such away to maintain high standards in the market. The culture which connotes how things are done in an organization sets a certain trend which has a long term effect in the success of the organization. This culture should be carefully passed on to the new staff to ensure the same is not eroded over time. The culture also builds the image and reputation of the company to the general public.

(Mintzberg, and Lampel, 2003) For a company to maintain high standards of operations, it must embrace and esteem key competencies. These should be incorporated in the culture and also appreciated by all staffs as core values in the day to day running of the business. In conclusion, HBO’ S past success has resulted from good strategies on product differentiation, the innovation of new products and also core competencies in its operations. The future of HBO Company is bright since it has positioned itself in a competitive edge and also winning the customers’ confidence.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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