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The paper "Miners In China Issues" Is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Business ethics is a form of applied ethics that deals with the examination of the moral as well as ethical principles and problems respectively that tend to arise within a business environment. Business ethics is useful in the maintenance of good business conduct and the conduct of the individuals at the workplace as well (Kornberger, 2007). The business ethics mainly offers the principles and the standards that will go a long way to offer guidance to the behavior in the world of business.

There are various dimensions of business ethics and they would range from applied normative and the descriptive dimensions. The descriptive dimensions tend to deal with the understanding of the behavior by using academics whereas normative dimensions will deal with career specialization and corporate practice (Parkan, 2009). Human resource professional/employment relations is a manager within the organization who has the mandate to deal with the employment issues of the workers such as recruitment, training, and orientation and once the employee has been hired and comes aboard, the human resource manager is able to assess the performance of the workers by using the performance appraisals.

The human resource manager will also be involved in the labor relations where it will be concerned with the development of positive interaction among the workers. human resource manager will also address the issues pertaining to the health and the safety of the workers and also ensuring the environment at the place of work does not put the employees’ health at risk and also does not expose the employee to work-related accidents.

The human resource manager will also go a long way in the innovation of new ideas as well as strategies that are to be used in minimizing of the risks at the workplace (Sullivan, 2011). China relies on the mining industry in the production of its energy in which almost 70% of its energy will be gotten from the mining of coal. The mining of coal still continues to pose a threat to the miners since it has claimed most of the lives of the miners. Mines in China still remain to be the most dangerous in the world.

The Chinese government has tried to mining accidents. Most of the workers who are working in the mines are the immigrants who are basically unskilled hence are exploited and their needs with regards to their safety not given the attention it deserves by the managers of the mining companies. The working conditions within the mines in china are never of importance to the management teams in the mines hence least priority is given to provide safety to the workers (Sullivan, 2011). The three options that are available for human resource management would include employment of the workers and this shall be centered on their recruitment, training, and orientation.

Enlightened the workers are enlightened on various safety guidelines and how to conduct themselves at the workplace. Secondly, safety to the workers will involve the provision of guidelines that are to be followed to prevent and to manage illnesses and health conditions. Communication will be the third option and this will entail Encouragement of positive interaction amongst workers and the management team (Velasquez, 2010).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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