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CASE STUDY Identify and analyze the problems that Sarah faced in her new role as Help Desk Manager. Are these technical or management problems? Give reasons for your answer. The problems she faced in her new role as a new desk manager were mostly management problems. She was to handle six support staff- each one had his own problems. Firstly, she had Mick who himself wanted to be the manager. Ron, on the other hand, was always on sick leave. Susan showed no willingness to work. Sam, who was older than others was a sort of independent person and designed his own job.

Tim and Jean, though knowledgeable and overworked computer wiz kids, were little immature and could not manage the desk and handle the queries all by themselves. The support was constantly being complained about by the other departments. Her boss was himself very confused and just wanted an easy time from his peers numerous vocal complaints. The problem was not because the support was brilliant enough. There were several management problems which could be attributed to the lack of motivation. Attitude problems - According to Fernandez, "The reasons for a person having an attitude problem are so deep-rooted and complex that you don't want to solve any problem that you encounter. "Communication problems - It seems that there was no communication amongst the team members.

Because of this, there was no proper division of responsibilities amongst the members. There were no clear cut guidelines to follow, no plans to implement, no monitoring etc. Motivation problems - None of the members including Sarah herself had motivation to perform their duties. Sarah initially thought, that as she was not interested in the job given to her and as she was forcefully transferred to this profile, it is management’s problem that she has been provided the work in which she is least interested and she was not willing to work as per her true potential. Lack of coordination - There was complete lack of coordination amongst them.

Looking at the team could have been a great team and yielded excellent results had there been coordination amongst them. Not only there were members with enough experience, but also there was young blood.

Hence, there was clear lack of coordination. Lack of true leadership and direction - All six members were not tied by a single string of leadership. There was no unanimous leader who could control the remaining members, motivate them, direct them, monitor them, evaluate them and appraise them. Because of this, the potential of the team was not getting utilized properly. Irresponsible and undisciplined behavior - Because of lack of discipline, the desk looked a complete mess. People didn’t assumed their responsibilities, were regularly absent. There was no accountability towards anybody neither seniors nor boss.

Also there was guidance from seniors towards juniors. Before moving to the help desk, Sarah interviewed users to find out what they thought of the service being provided, both good and bad. Discuss why this was an effective action to take and how Sarah could use this information.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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