Essays on Organizational Behavior-Managing People and Organizations Assignment

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The paper "Organizational Behavior-Managing People and Organizations" Is a great example of a Management Assignment. The impact of Peter Costello’ s move to announce his ambition to become the next Australian Prime minister can result in significant changes in the Liberal Party group behavior. It is evident that Costello is not able to attain full support from the public and most significantly from his party members. Peter Castillo’ s move can impact the group behavior of the party in that group divisions will be created within party members. In spite of the fact that Costello does not have majority support from fellow party members, he definitely has a few who back his move.

If they did not have any supporter then the group members would try to isolate him. The main implication is that divisions will arise; the divisions will substantially raise conflict among party members. In addition, group coordination will be reduced this will intern interfere with the proper functioning of the party. Nelson & Quick (2008) highlight that the aspect of using teams and team-based leadership is a critical issue that requires the integration of operations in order to develop and utilize resources and services more effectively.

He further highlights that an appropriate team has all its members work towards the goals and policies of the team. In this context whereby a new perspective has been created due to Costello’ s move to challenge the leadership of the reigning Prime minister, the implication of his action is that other part members may also develop an awakening that they can also be potential leaders, thus some may relax in the performance of their duties or even not coordinate at all with other group members due to a realization that they too can behold power. If John Howard and Peter Costello were to work together effectively as part of a team the type of atmosphere that must be there involves the provision of team leadership.

In spite of the differences that exist between the two leaders, in order for them to work together effectively, team leadership by clarification of the position of each leader has to be undertaken. It is essential for a team to have a team leader, however, there is a need for clarification of the individual leading the team.

This will assist in the elimination of conflict. The second type of environment to be developed is whereby leaders are to be rehabilitated into a partnership that is close, credible, and cohesive. In spite of the fact that it seems as if the two have put aside their differences and are working towards the Liberal party winning the election, it is essential that the partnership is made more truth worthy in order to eliminate future wrangles. Under this particular circumstance, it would be difficult to establish trust.

This is because once the original trust that existed between the parties was violated. Howard will not always trust his opponent, his attitude will be that his opponent may be plotting against him while Costello will always be in fear of punishment even though they chose to work as a team.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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