Essays on Business Ethics of Coca-Cola Company Case Study

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The paper "Business Ethics of Coca-Cola Company" is a perfect example of a business case study.   The Coca-Cola Company is defined as being the most popular trademark in the world and this, in fact, is a genuine assertion. The company has in its ownership, about 400 different types of brands that are appealing and attractive to different individuals throughout the world. The company is also capable of satisfying the needs of all its clients or consumers and enhance their experiences with Coca-Cola products. The company’ s (Coca-Cola) products are quite appealing to a wide range of consumers from all genders, ages, and races.

The Coca-Cola Company is well known the world over because of its global popularity since its products are actually sold to over 200 nations while some of its major competitors have only managed to sell their products in numerous select countries. As a result, this gives the Coca-Cola Company a competitive edge or advantage over the others. It is indeed an obvious fact that the Coca-Cola Company is easily recognized by all and sundry (Carey, 2009). The popularity of the company has made it grow as an organization that is very much well recognized.

The company’ s finances make it easier for it to continue growing and even expand into the future. In addition to that, finances also make it possible for the company to promote many of its other products. In essence, many aspects of the Coca-Cola Company have proven to be superior to that of its major competitors which include its corporate structure and promotional techniques. Some of these aspects include another market mix, implementation plan, and positioning.

It is through such aspects that make the Coca-Cola Company be placed ahead of its competitors and instigate it to aspire to higher missions and goals. It is the company’ s mission to refresh and totally satisfy the entire world and make a bottle of the company’ s products become available to each individual all around the globe. Problem Identification and Analysis Despite the fact that the Coca-Cola Company has been a great successor in the industry of soft drinks for over 100 years, it has all along incurred numerous crises along its successful path. The Coca-Cola Company is faced with numerous challenges in the contemporary market because of the market-driven changes, socio-economic changes, and regulatory changes.

The Coca-Cola Company is faced with numerous significant strategic issues.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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