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The paper "Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell Like" is a great example of a marketing case study.   Advertisements have emerged as an imperative aspect of organisations when communicating new/existing products into the market. Arguably, they present divergent advantages linked to increased consumer preference. In this regard, Old Spice has engaged in significant marketing campaigns that have seen its takeover a considerable market share. Its renowned ad campaign, dubbed, ‘ The Man Your Man Could Smell Like’ was well placed in overseeing the introduction of divergent strategies. Evidently, the company had a long way of reaching out to consumers, who include the adults both the men, women and older men who desire to feel youthful.

In order to target the adult market therefore, the company was compelled to initiate the ‘ The Man Your Man Could Smell Like. ’ The Client The Ad Campaign's client was Old Spice. Evidently, Old Spice is typified by a strong brand name in the market it operates in and factors in divergent attributes in facilitating the success of its brands. While it considers advertisement as imperative, it is through its innovation and capabilities of the company that put it at fore-front.

In addition, the agency was selected due to its advantages in its core strength (Annual Report, 2012). Opportunity The opportunities realized was that the ad was able to target the audience outside the user group, whereby women began buying the products and services from Old Spice. The campaign n not only increased the brand’ s awareness but also gained significant client preference among the target audience. Tentatively, the ad not only the products to look manlier, but also to look appealing to women who begun purchasing the Old Spice services (Hinchliffe, 2012). With quantitative research done, a surprising data was collected indicating that women at the Old Spice purchased 60% to 70% of the products after the ad, for men (Most men often ignore to buy their products and use women products in the house (Cabrer, 2012).

The indication was that the ad had an impact on consumers and it happened to target a new audience. Overview of the Agency  Wieden & Kennedy Agency was hired to develop a campaign for Old Spice: The Man Your Man Could Smell like.

The agency is the world’ s only independent and creative-driven network. The founding goal is to do best for their lives and to inspire new and existing clients. The core skill of the company is to do advertisements (Wieden & Kennedy, 2012). Agency Key Strength The creativity of the agency put it at the forefront. The creativity of the advertisement results in creating a strong and provocative between companies and their consumers. Brand building is also a key strength whereby it has shaped the client's brands through impressive adverts.

In addition, finding cultural truth about the products is also special. Following up the cultural trends has made the agency specialize in decision making in case of fluctuations on product demand. An impressive result of the cultural trend is Nike, ESPN, and Miller High life, which has, influences the society culture (Wieden & Kennedy, 2012). Embracing media in social life & technology through broadcasting has proved to be additional strength for the agency. The agency has won heart for many clients hence it has a long spreadsheet of clients hence contributing to the stability on the agency, key strength.


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