Essays on Case Study About Google And The Government Of China And The Course Is Cross Cultural Communication Case Study

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CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATIONSBETWEEN CHINA AND USAGOOGLE IN CHINAPART 1OPINION ON THE CASE AND BRIEF ANALYSIS OF THE ISSUESBrief overviewGoogle is recognized as the world most reliable and one of the best search engines. Google aims to increase the domains on the global scale as it has a server established in France by the name of google. fr. Similarly the servers needed to be established in the country of China (Scott, 2008, p. 13). Crossing the borders and establishing the servers in the foreign country means that Google as an organization has to meet up with the requirements that the Chinese government has in relation to the internet server establishment (Vise, 2005, p. 35). Google’s perspectiveGoogle had an aim to establish the server in China by the name of google. cn and make the latest technology available to the Chinese community.

There were some strict rules in the Chinese government with regards to the censorship of the unwanted search hits whereas this was the main issue of negotiation for the Google representatives. Google needed the control of the other search engine servers in Baidu thereby having the uncensored policy being implied on Google and having all the control.

This was not seen to be possible because of the Chinese regulations. Because of this reason the revenue that Google generates was seen to be limited unless they get the independent server established in China. IssuesThe main problem that makes the establishment of the server in China impossible is the fact that the Chinese government has the censorship rules that need to be followed strictly. That is main hurdle as China does not seem to be negotiating on the unwanted search results that the Chinese get.

The establishment of a completely independent server in China has many hurdles and the negotiations need to take place in this case. China’s perspectiveChina has been seen to be very strict in case of the rules and the regulation that underline the internet usage in the country. Many of the internet websites have been banned in China because of the unwanted results as Wikipedia (Castells, 2004, p. 90). There is a great fire wall that works to block all the unwanted search results from the search engines.

Google has been successful in helping the Chinese citizens in getting all the available information by surpassing all the great fire walls of China. Issues China does not seem to be willing to give all the authorities to control the local search engines in Baidu, to be given to the American based search engine as it was demanding so. The censorship policy had to be kept in mind. China has been left with few options. The brain drain was the main issue being considered here as the Chinese talent was rushing to America for better opportunities.

The brain drain could be stopped if the research methodology of Google is looked in detail if the server is established in China so as to stop the brain drain. The wrong turns

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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