Essays on The Marketing Systems for Toyota Prius Case Study

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The paper 'The Marketing Systems for Toyota Prius" is a perfect example of a marketing case study. Business survival depends on the marketing strategy used by the company. Toyota Prius has been a model of choice for many car owners. New car models have been introduced in the market; but for Toyota Prius, it has been a success. This leads to the analysis of the marketing systems used to market this particular product. This report will also analyze broadly the marketing systems and their importance to the business environment today and in the future.

This report will also focus on the link between the marketing systems and the growth strategies of the Toyota Company. A marketing plan is an essential aspect of a company; it should be based on accurate decision making and must be consumer-oriented; because clients are the most important in any kind of business. This report also analyses the marketing systems for the Toyota Prius manufactured by Toyota Company. Marketing systems Marketing systems are any orderly process that enables the market players to make bids; marketing systems help buyers and sellers to interact freely and come up with business deals.

The marketing system comprises of various mechanisms; price, qualifications, a good reputation as well as clearing (Eric 2011, p. 100). A market system basically relies on assuming that all concerned players are involved and that they are not equally enabled. A market system depends on markets to make the allocation of available resources and to make the determination of the prices. There is an increase in specialization in the whole world; this makes marketing systems a must in the business environment, this also makes the link between buyers and sellers to become dense.

Specialization within markets is very crucial in increasing returns, this further leads to proper structuring and functioning of marketing systems. A good example is the case of the Toyota Prius whereby, its unique design for a motor vehicle; this is a good strategy to offer a market for Toyota products. Agents of marketing systems are mainly heightened by improvements in technology, institutional development as well as infrastructure development (Roger 2009, p. 358).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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