Essays on Human Resource Management in Organizations Assignment

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The paper "Human Resource Management in Organizations" is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. Human Resource Management is a very integral part of every organization. Every organization has a department that looks after recruiting, selection, training, and development of the employees. The role of human resources increases with ever-increasing competition. It is very imperative that the organisation has the right workforce so that the resources could be effectively utilized for the development of the organization. The role and scope of human resources have increased with developments. It is important for an organisation to see that this department is performing its duties towards the wellbeing of the organization and if any changes are required it should be dealt with. One such role of human resource has been the development it had in recent times where it tries to cover every aspect in one head.

There has been an argument as to whether there has been a change from that was prevalent years ago. There are questions whether this field has developed from Industrial Relations to Personnel Management to Human Resource Management.

There has been a strong development in this direction. Today human resource management includes a wide array of things from recruitment to training to development to compensation. This all has been covered in one field and had widened its scope. This had also led to managers’ work harder for better results and had increased their role in the development of the organization. This was also witnessed by Quick Mail. The company had started performing better and the morale of the employees had increased and this was proved by the fact that the employees had started believing in themselves.

They had started believing in the fact that their future is bright because the performance of the company is linked to the future growth of the employee. Another role for the human resource department is that the model on which the organization is working should fall in line with the model used by the human resource department. It is important that the organization uses the model which helps the organization to grow as it will increase the effectiveness of the department. The employees should be aware of what is expected of them so that they can work towards a common goal.

The management must see that this is done in the correct way to increase the effectiveness of the organization. This was also prevalent in Quick Mail. The company had started to perform well and this was reflected in the morale of the employees. With the induction of a new manager Elizabeth Spanning a new model was used by the company which matched the requirements of the company due to which the company had started performing better.

She had brought new changes in the organization which was reflected as results over the board were good. Though there were some initial costs involved in the long run the returns outweighed the costs. This had increased the effectiveness of the company and it was seen in the performance of the company. Though there are still some factors that also contribute towards it having a correct model increases the effectiveness.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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