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The paper "Buyer Behavior - North Face " is a good example of a marketing case study.   Perception is a process whereby an individual receives, selects, and interprets stimuli to form a coherent and meaningful picture of the world. Perception involves two things inherent predispositions and physical stimuli. Examples of inherent predispositions are motives, learning, and expectations while those of physical stimuli are smell, sight, and audio. In the North Face case study, the jackets were sold in the market everywhere in the city (Sheth 72). People used to hear about the popularity of the jackets, and they were stimulated to buy one.

This was a kind of perceptions as the consumers were persuaded to buy the jacket because of its popularity and comfort. In addition, people used to see jackets all over as different people used them even in the campaign period. The other people who are consumers were stimulated to buy a jacket because whenever they go most of the people were wearing jackets. Because of the perception strategy, North Face made more sales of the jackets leading to more profits.

The theory of perception explains the extent, which perception relies on the information present or received in the stimulus. It also explains how an individual response to information received after hearing, seeing, and even sensing. North Face when trying to influence consumer behaviour to buy its products applies this theory. This is because the consumers will have to see or hear about the products advertised such that they can respond by either buying or not to buy. In the case study; The company used climbers and athletes to test the clothing by training both outdoor areas and regionally.

This influenced many consumers because they would see the clothing physically and how it fits those training. Another example is the case study is the display of the climbers and athletes on the television programs training while wearing North Face clothing. Physical display and those in the television would influence other people after seeing and hearing about the clothing. The consumers would buy the clothing for themselves such that they could test how comfortable and fit personally. North Face should make sure that the products are presentable and of better quality, such that when the consumer sees he/she will be influenced to buy. Motivation is another method than can be used to influence and stimulate the buyer.

The buyer can be motivated in various means such as after-sales services, reduced prices, and better quality products. Motivation can be a rational, (positive, negative), and emotional. This is because not all the motivation methods will impress the buyer; others might even make the customer run away from buying the products from the company and move to the competitor of the company.

In the North Face case, Columbia Sportswear used this strategy to win more consumers, and it has overtaken North Face in the market. Whilst Columbia clothing was sold at a discount in stores like T. J. Maxx; North Face shunned this strategy and their sales reduced drastically (Sheth 83). Columbia Sportswear offered the discount in its stores as a way of motivating and winning more customers. The theory of Human motivation was presided by Abraham Maslow. The theory explains how customers or any other person is persuaded to buy or accept the services offered by an individual or a company.

The theory was widely used in the case study;

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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