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The paper "Amalgamated Holdings Limited" Is a great example of a Management Case Study. The business sector has helped in the growing economy of the country. Amalgamated Holdings Limited is one of such kind of business. It is a business that operates with Leisure, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Technology. Australia is headed for a cut of 33,000 jobs within the public sector. Large businesses play a significant role in the employment sector as they are set to create 32,000 jobs in the near future. This may serve to fill the gap in employment within the economy as a result of lying off workers by the public sector.

The Sainbury’ s, for instance, has projected the creation of 20,000 jobs within a period of three years. This is an indication of the contribution these businesses have on the performance of the economy. The business sector is a sector that has survived many turbulent as a result of market failure. Other businesses within the economy and especially the small businesses were forced to close down due to factors such as the financial crisis.

Investors always seek to invest in businesses where the certainty of success is assured. Businesses have survived the economic downturns, thus, proving to be a more secure investment. Having survived the weathering storm, the business has proved to be low-risk investments and hence preferred by most investors. Despite the inflation trend that has been observed within the economy, businesses have experienced growth. This has been due to increases in the market share and also in the improvement of the values of their products and services. This company has market-leading products and brands, which include Event Cinemas, Thredbo, Greater Union, and Birch Carroll & Coyle Cinemas, Edge Digital Technology & Production, Rydges Hotels and Resorts, Film lab, a Sydney's majestic State Theatre, and a Feather dale Wildlife Park.

This shows the company’ s aim of diversifying its products. It also owns and manages different businesses in other countries’ territories including London, Germany, Fiji, and New Zealand as well as across Australia. This is a dynamic organization that employs thousands of people in Australia improving the economy significantly and also internationally. The company celebrated 100 years of operation in 2010 since its inception in 1910. Strategic Analysis Amalgamated Holdings Limited chain of business is a good example of the business in Australia that we can use as an example and also as a point of reference in our arguments.

Amalgamated Holdings Limited business was introduced into the Australia market some years back and hence has experience in the market. This is through subsidiary Corinth services limited. Currently, the business has a large market share and has come from scratch since it was founded. This is a business that retails and deals with Leisure, Entertainment, Hospitality, and Technology.

It is also involved in some financial services that it operates for its customers. Through this, the company has diversified different types of businesses to reduce the risk of loss. This is in their quest to shake off competition and increase their competitive advantage over the other business and other competitors. Amalgamated Holdings Limited business in their proper service to the employees and in their quest to improve the welfare of the employees signed up to an initiative known as Ethical Trading Initiative.

Through this, the business has shown great respect for the worker’ s rights. This initiative is a way to improve the freedom of the workers in their associations and also a good living wage. Implementation of this initiative is very difficult however since living wages vary with the difference in the countries, and the buyer using a strategy of being a major importer like Amalgamated Holdings Limited. This is due to the fact that large importers affect the national minimum wages indirectly by obliging the governments so that they can set them low in order to stop the business from closing down or even going to other countries.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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