Essays on James Hardie Industries: Restructuring, Removing and Reviewing Case Study

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The paper 'James Hardie Industries: Restructuring, Removing and Reviewing" is a good example of a management case study. Corporate governance is a set of practices including laws, and policies that affect a manner in which a company is administered and controlled. It also includes the relationship between the company and the stakeholders. Proper corporate governance is the determinant of integrity in a corporation, monetary organizations and markets. It is also the key to a healthy and stable economy (Monks & Minow 2008). The main area of concern in corporate governance is to maintain accountability of the key individuals in an organization so as to eliminate issues between the individuals and other agencies such as the stakeholders.

Corporate governance also covers the efficiency of the organization’ s activities economically especially on the welfare of the shareholders. However, it also incorporates other aspects such as views of other players rather than the shareholders. The report below looks at corporate governance issues in James Hardie Company that had been producing asbestos products which pose health problems to the employees. The company is aware of the health risks but is not ready to streamline its health compensation program which should cater to future health issues of its employees. Problem Statement The practices at James Hardie were an indication that problems can be mitigated and not eliminated.

Despite best practices of corporate governance and government regulation, other factors will have an impact on corporate and individual behaviour. Corporate governance issues at James Hardie Corporate governance includes considerations of all the stakeholders including the employees and the members of the society. The management of James Hardie considered only the maximization of profits and better returns to the shareholders, which they could achieve at the expense of the health of their employees and the neighboring community.

The company was involved in the manufacture of fibro-cement which was made of asbestos.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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