Essays on Implementing Change: Case of Drugs Inc Case Study

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The paper "Implementing Change: Case of Drugs Inc" is a perfect example of a case study on management. Drugs Inc is a subsidiary of a large pharmaceutical company that manufactures a large number of medicines. It inspires me to be a world player in the international economy. For this reason, it also invests heavily in research and development (R& D) (1). However, in recent years, the business has not been performing well. They have been apparently beaten up by the competition(1). Overseas manufacturers are able to supply medicine more cheaply. However, after critically analyzing the case we find that Drugs Inc.

has its own internal problem like diversity management, human resource management, and managing culture. Drugs Inc. ’ s board of directors consists of all senior male staff. Moreover, there are only four females who work in lower management as clerks. Drugs Inc. also has a workforce that represents twelve different nationalities(1). These facts demonstrate that Drugs Inc. experiences problems in managing diversity. Drugs Inc. also seems to have low productive employees. This may be because of low motivation, job dissatisfaction, or unclear work requirements. Drug Inc. plans to bring about a change in their organization by cutting its workforce and setting up their business on the internet to reduce costs.

The actions that Drug Inc plans to implement may seem to reduce cost but they may further lower employee motivation, or increase job dissatisfaction. For this reason, I have selected some articles through which I’ ll suggest what will be the best course of action for Drugs Inc. The first article that I have selected is ‘ leading the diverse workforce: Profit, prospects and progress’ by McCuiston et al.

The article talks about how businesses can ensure their readiness to effectively align business strategies with today's demographic and market realities to achieve growth, profitability, and sustainability. It recognizes the need to acknowledge the existence of women in the workplace(5). The second article I have selected is ‘ improving IT through diversity’ by Agatha Gilmore. The article discusses the concept of improving information technology (IT) through a diversity of the workforce. According to the author, the implementation of IT diversity and the inclusion of practices have been included as a bottom-line strategy for many businesses (3).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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