Essays on Quality Improvement at Angels of Mercy Case Study

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The paper "Quality Improvement at Angels of Mercy" is a good example of a case study on business. Angels of Mercy is a middle hospital located in East London whose location may attract service delivery to a significant part of the London population. Over time, the hospital has been losing most of its clients because the quality of health care delivered has been dwindling over time. In essence, the staff handling the patients does not meet the required standards of hygiene as on several occasions patients have suffered from MRSA that has been fateful to some patients.

Further, Angels of Mercy has also failed to provide quality health standards consistently as many of the staff working in the hospital do not apply ethical principles in their practice. Clients have also reported cases of patient neglect in terms of access to treatment and the care given to them during their stay at the hospital. Further, patients have reported negligence when doctors perform some procedures that include leaving surgery equipment in the body of the patients. This has posed safety risks for many patients and has attracted hefty fines as compensation for patient negligence and unethical practice. Consequently, the marketing structure has also failed due to the unethical medical practices by the institution.

The hospital does not have functional total quality management techniques in place as the hospital has failed to offer patient-friendly services. Other than failed service delivery structures, the data acquisition center of the hospital does complement the operations of the hospital, which have influenced failure in the execution of organizational duties and responsibilities. In essence, the organization has been unsuccessful in achieving total quality management as the administration of the hospital has continued to sit by and watch as the quality of service deteriorates.

The challenge of making the required changes to the operations of the hospital is in terms of the costs of implementation because the hospital operates on a low budget. Questions1. How can this hospital apply the Lean and Six sigma together in order to raise the standards of service delivery? 2. What are the roles of the hospital staff and the administration in achieving total quality management for the hospital? 3.

How will effective data collection help in the improvement and achievement of standardized practice for the hospital?

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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