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The paper "Operation Management and Digital Age" is a great example of a Management Case Study. The study seeks to find out the key roles, uses, and emerging issues in the manufacture of pencils in the world and in the developing digital era to the pencils as portrayed by the Faber- Castell Company. The use of pencils can be backdated to many years ago. Many prominent people in the early days developed and continued the use of the pencils. Some of the examples of the prominent people who used the pencil are the once Prussian Chancellor, Otto Von Bismarck, who in his case used the pencil for the purpose of pushing down the tobacco in his smoking pipe.

Another person who used the pencil was Vincent van Gogh. In his part, he used the pencil to draw a portrait of a woman who was sewing. All the above-listed people recommended that the pencil was a very useful product to use due to its traits of having a marvelous black color and the ease eminent in using them (Johann, 1893).

The company has witnessed a massive increase in production units. The company produces about 2.2 billion pencils every year. This is a very high number as compared to that in the changing era of society to digital. The company specializes in the manufacture of pencils, crayons, and pens. The company is based in the German town of Nuremberg CORE COMPETENCIES OF THE COMPANY The core competencies of the company are the provision of value to the customers, promotion of tradition, and outstanding quality standards. Other competencies are innovation at the highest levels, creativity, and also not forgetting commitment in both the social and the ecological arena.

The company has seen to it that this is possible through the production of products at the best qualities and standards. The products are also environmentally friendly and hence not harmful to the users or to the environment. The working conditions of the company are also above the set standards as required of them. The company is able to well develop due to the fact that they produce pencils which are cheap and very affordable to buy even by people from poor countries.

They are also durable and hence the people are able to be loyal to the consumption of the commodities of the Company. The attributes of that they are cheap, durable, and very affordable have made the company record massive and ever-increasing sales levels in the poor and also in the developing countries with low-income earners. In the European markets, however, the sales level increase by very small margins if any (Faber, 2010). This is attributed to the development and adaptation of technology and computerization in the member countries of the continent. The company has however shifted its attention to the emerging markets and recorded massive levels of revenues from the sales.

Some of the emerging markets have not developed technology use and hence they seek the use of pencils. In order to maintain its sales levels and if possible increase the levels, the company has sought to improve the quality of the pencils they produce. This is in a bid to make sales in the rich world.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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