Essays on Case Study- Organisation Behaviour Analysis Assignment

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The Case Study: Michael Ferro Jr, Believes that an occasional kick in the pants is good for employee motivation. Ferro is the 31 Year old foundering and CEO of Click interactive Inc, a Chicago based software design firm. The organization has been innovative enough to validate a 24 hour tracking system. This tracking system entails communication between manufacturer, supplier and distributor. Also this round the clock service facilitates the tracking of delivery orders etc The major clients include Mitsubishi, Motorola, and Omron Electronics. Ferro has created what he calls the “penalty box “for his programmers who are burned out or who act overly cocky.

In actuality, this is a temporary assignment, from a few weeks to a few months – in the company’s sales department. While those chosen may see such a stint as a penalty, Ferro focuses on the positive. It gives the isolated programmers new experiences and broadens their responsibilities. The punishment part of the Box is that all sales people, including people is that all sales people including programmers on temporary assignment, are required to wear professional business attire at all times. Jeans and T shirt worn by the programmers on the job.

Among programmers, who value their informal dress and insulated lifestyle, wearing suits is somewhat humiliating. In addition most programmers don’t particularly like giving up the cloistered existence of working full time on their computer. Instead of writing software, the temporary sales assignment requires programmers to call on customers. This isn’t easy for people who are used to spending all. Day in front of a computer and who have been chosen this profession to a large degree because of the job isolation and independency. While there is a stigma attached to being temporary assigned to sales, some of the programmers acknowledge the value of assignment.

Jim Heising for example admits that he has gained some valuable insights to customers while forced to make sales call. Now the company’s Chief Technologist hewing says that although sometimes customer requests are far fetched, other times they come up with great ideas that can actually be implemented. While Click is only three years old, the company is growing rapidly. In a marketplace where it has to compete against monstrous corporation, such as IBM Ferro believes that being different can pay big dividends.

(Brown, 76-78)Case Study Analysis: By motivation is meant ……It wouldn’t be wrong to begin this case analysis by paying attention to appreciative motivation in particular. there are a lot many individuals who view their Motivation, wrongly as a personal trait, which means some individuals possess it and some do not. in actual experience, we can define motivation as the process that accounts for and individuals intensity, direction and persistence of effort toward attaining a goal.

As our focus and the focus of our study will be narrowed down to keep us focused towards general motivation. Our focus will also entail focusing upon the specific goals of the organization. This is particularly done to show off the interest of the organization in the behavior which the employee work represents.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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