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The paper "The Importance Of Communication Within Organizations" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Over the years, the advertisement industries had not got into much fame until the 21st century. With the increased competition in the industry, there is a need for companies to create awareness for their clients through advertisements and good public relations offices. Advertisement is a marketing strategy for a company to create confidence to the consumers and informative measure of the company’ s available goods. For a company to continuously increase its sale either after re-brand, expansion of their plants or increase production capacity, more market is needed. The only way a company can reach out to many possible and willing customers and clients is through the engagement of media in the advertisement.

In preparation for the advertisement, identifying the type of advert that would attract most members of society is a major issue. It depends on creativity, mode of presentation and design. This paper examines the case of 6 steps and a rising company and identifies possible recommendations that would mend the current situation. The company has experienced a decreasing number of clients after the Melbourne Office was taken over by the company. Company Background Information 6 Steps & Rising company comprises of a network consisting of advertising company and a public relations firm.

It has offices in Melbourne, Sydney, Adelaide, Brisbane, Perth and Auckland and New Zealand. The company originated from Sydney before spreading to other parts due to this expansion program. With years of operation, the company has expanded to merging other competitors in other cities. However, after the company took over the office in Melbourne, several challenges have risen up against the planned development.

The conflict between the clients and the company employees has risen due to the claim that the company has lost creative flair. Mike Zhang, the new managing director for the Melbourne officer has identified that the company is not running well. For clarity of the problem affecting the company, he decided to inquire from the employees the challenges that the company would face and the underlying cause. After the engagement with Stephanie Burke, she highlighted that after the company was taken by 6 Steps & Rising, the compensation in terms of benefits and perks was lost.

Through the year after handing over the firm, the employees lost their generous long-service benefits as well as bonuses and superannuation plans. In addition, bonuses and that were awarded was lost immediately the company was handed over to the by 6 Steps & Rising. The other challenge highlighted was on the management of Edward Chinyadza who is authoritative and uses a demanding language in the operation inflicting fear to the employees. That kind of leadership is threatening to the employees who word under a few from the manager.

She thinks that the manager has destroyed the culture that was quite open and creative to one that is bureaucratic and administrative. The employee had lost faith in the company management owing to the general feeling by the employees that they are over-controlled, underpaid, and degraded in service. To make matters worse, there have been empty promises on promotion as witnessed in the case for Albert Bellucci, who cannot get promoted even after follow up pointing out that seeing the management is through a long process that is not guaranteed.


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