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It is essential to state that the paper 'Bolt Worldly Advertisement " is a good example of a business assignment.   The business world has undergone various dynamics, and currently, organizations have implemented different strategies to increase their sales volumes, albeit unfair means to the consumers. However, irrespective of the business communication method, either advertisement, logos, product endorsements, through their packages, logos or even sales pitch, the consumer has the right to be given accurate and truthful information in relation to the services or products being offered or received. According to the Australian Consumer Law (ACL) misleading or deceiving the consumers in order to increase sales volumes or market shares through advertisements and other business communication channels is illegal. The law does not only apply to the direct misleading of the consumers but also if the organization does not intend to mislead or deceive, but the consumer suffers a loss due to the conduct portrayed by the organization offering the services or selling goods.

According to the case scenario of Bolt, advertising their mobile products at a price different from the real price was a violation of the ACL (Corones, 2011).

The company only offered three mobiles in stock for a price of $699 and had not conducted any radiation tests on their product as stipulated in the promotion message. In the business world, honest advertising is not only beneficial for firm growth but also a requirement by law. The ACL contains a number of rules and regulations that each and every business must follow when advertising and selling various products and services. The message in an advert often influences the consumer’ s perception of a product or service in the industry.

However, when undertaking misleading or deceptive conduct during the business operations like that at Bolt, the most important question is whether the overall impression created by their conduct is inaccurate and will lead to sustainable financial growth. Hannah approached Bolt for a laptop which could take her through her 8 hours lecture. The sales representative assured her of the battery lifespan only to realize the information given was wrong and could not take her through her 8-hour lecture. This was illegal as per the Australian Consumer Law.

Even though a business should not disclose all the information regarding product sales or service provisions, there are situations that all the information must be provided to avoid engaging in misleading conduct. In this case, the sales representative should have informed Hannah about their law regarding the return and exchange of goods at Bolt. Enough information was not given to Hannah that could significantly change her mind about buying the laptop. Misleading advertisements are against the ACL and violates legitimate business operations in Australia. It is essential that Bolt and its affiliate suppliers engage in honest and genuine ads when selling their products for sustainable business growth and a larger market share.

It should be clear in the advert if offers are valid for a given period and when the stocks are genuinely low, for instance, clearance sale. In case the demand for a given product rises, the suppliers can be contacted for extra stock rather than increasing prices as seen in the case.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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