Essays on Challenges and Future of HR Function - Omnicom Media Group Case Study

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The paper 'Challenges and Future of HR Function - Omnicom Media Group " is a good example of a management case study. Omnicom Media Group is a leading company in the communication sector in the UAE and in other countries on the international platform. The HR department of this organization plays the role of addressing matter related to the wellbeing of the employees. In addition, this department is also concerned with the advocacy of the interests of employees in relation to the development and implementation of organizational strategies. The main objective of this paper is to conduct an assessment of the challenges and future prospects of the HR in the management of the operation of the organization. Section I In the United Arab Emirates (UAE) HR functions as a strategic partner in organizational management considered its essential in handling matters related to the welfare of employees.

It is important to note within different organizations in UAE the culture of HR is evolving to include the responsibility of addressing matters related to the development of organizational strategy (Gralpois, 2010). This is subject to the laws defining organizations.

This is based on the assumption that frequent interaction with employees helps HR in understanding their strengths and weaknesses in the realization of organizational goals (Omnicom, 2012). Omnicom Media Group is a leading company in the field of advertisement, marketing and corporate communication. The company operates in more than 100 countries and it has the capacity to drive leadership and innovation in every media platform (Pringle & Marshall, 2012). One way through which the company maintains its position within UAE and on the global platform is through attracting highly skilled and talented employees to enable the maximization of market leverage for the company’ s clients.

It is important to note that as a multinational Corporation, the operations of the company in different countries are highly dependent on the type of service that is in demand. For example, Omnicom Media group operates as a leading data and analytics company through OMD Worldwide and PHD Networks. The company also operates as specialist organizations in areas such as digital trading platform, content collection group and as a direct response agency (Pringle & Marshall, 2012). The human resource (HR) department in Omnicom Media Group is headed by a human resource manager who is an expert in matters of HR.

the management has the responsibility of overseeing all matters that affect the wellbeing of the employees in relation to the execution of their responsibilities (Gralpois, 2010). The HR manager is responsible for the managing director of the company. The HR manager also sits in the strategic planning and development meetings as a representative of the interest of the employees. The department has HR assistants whose role is to provide the necessary assist the management in addressing issues related to employee wellbeing (Omnicom, 2012).

The major role of the HR at Omnicom Media Group is to recruit, orient, train and organize employees within the company to execute their responsibilities. There are additional roles which include the establishment of suitable policies and procedures for compensating employees (Omnicom, 2012). The HR also ensures that the employees are provided with a suitable working environment in terms of safety and the availability of working materials. The HR department in this organization plays the policing role considering that it ensure that all employees understand their professional codes of conduct and they act accordingly.

These activities are often meant to ensure that the employees maintain a high level of performance according to their levels of expertise. This is considered essential for the development of the organization and career development among employees (Omnicom, 2013).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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