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Technological change in ERP: Saudi Standards, metrology and Quality organization (SASO)IntroductionThe Saudi Standards, metrology and Quality organization (SASO) is a corporate organization that is involved, in the issuance of Saudi Standards and the implementation of Quality Systems. This is practised in different areas that may include; the petroleum products, agricultural and food products, mineral products, building materials, construction products, electronic products and textile products among others. SASO has a variety of customers that include companies and factories, whose end products’ qualities, may need to be reviewed for quality before they are circulated to different destinations for customer consumption, and aims to improve the quality of its products, with an objective of protecting customers’ health and safety.

SASO has a vision of rising up to be distinguished in all standardization and quality fields, nationally, regionally and internationally. Their goal is to protect product consumers and protect the public interest, by issuing and applying quality and standards systems. SASO also aims at ensuring that fraud is prevented in addition to the prevention of dumping products that are counterfeit in the market.

This is done through the organisations’ commitment to apply variety measures, such as embracing values with the core values being loyalty, neutrality, transparency and a firm commitment to the Sharia law. SASO has also gone further to ensure, there’s maintenance of standards in calibration, marking, sampling, metrology, testing and identification of commodities. In addition to these, it does inspection, alongside seeing to it that there is regulation of commodities’ standards. Another oversight function it does is, publishing Saudi standards and promoting standardisation awareness among the Saudi people. The company intends to make some technological changes in its operations and service.

These changes are aimed at improving the effectiveness of the company’s tasks. It is evident that these technological changes in the ERP would affect SASO’s operation for it would involve a number of new skills that may cause SASO to hire new personnel and/or train the current employees to be conversant to the change. Technological changes in ERP are no minimal tasks to consider bearing in mind that it involves so many parties to make it actualise. Change management; implementing change in ERPThe change in SASO’s ERP started in 2003 and was to come to an end in 2005, but it finished in 2006 due to the delay in the application for one year for financial reasons.

Looking at the changes that an organization has to consider, in order to actualize changes it intends to bring fourth. It is evident that managing this change, needs people from employees and managers of SASO, to the external environment, who include the organizations employees, their direct customers as well as the general consumers, who use the products that have passed through SASO’s laboratories’.

They need awareness of essence of standardization and quality. Change management needs people right from the planning function, through implementation to the evaluation of the changes made. It is an activity that is people involving, particularly on the case of SASO, whose processes encompasses other companies, as well as, consumers of the products (Sheilds, 2001, p. 7).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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