Essays on Change Management Theories and Their Interrelatedness Assignment

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The paper "Change Management Theories and Their Interrelatedness " is a great example of a business assignment. Change management entails a well-structured approach aimed at transitioning an organization from its present state to a much more desired future position. It is therefore a process within an organization whose aim is often to empower the respective organization employees to acknowledge change as well as embrace it within their present business environment. The transformation has essential impacts on the performance of the employees which essentially takes place when there is a variation with regards to how the staff was performing in the past and how are supposed to perform their task in order to ensure the success of the organization.

As a perceptible track towards transformation projects, organizational change management supports an organization’ s expectations, communicates, and puts together teams as well as managing staff training (Heathfield, 2010). It, therefore, employs the use of various metrics, for instance, leader’ s commitment, communication efficiency, as well as the seeming necessity for organizational change in order to come up with accurate strategies, thus shunning change failures or resolving troubling change plans.

Organizational change is undertaken under diverse dimensions. This can take place when the organization alters the whole operational approach in favor of its achievement. The organization is capable of eradicating or including various sections in its constitution coupled with the general nature of its action. For the accomplishment of an organization, the people involved have to embark on a variety of important amendments in their progress. The directors must consequently try to make certain that momentous changes in their organizations are present. For they have the responsibility of guaranteeing the organization’ s achievement (Heathfield, 2010). Hurdles to Organizational Change Schemes employed by organizational managers towards organizational change may at times fall short of success to an organization.

The failures may be as a result of the many hurdles or barriers brought by the structure along with the various procedures employed by the organization or by the organization staff themselves. Among the barriers to organizational change are inadequate planning, lack of consultation and insufficient training.


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