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The paper "Australian Leaders" is a great example of a Management Case Study. I have chosen to write about Tim Costello, who was the CEO of world vision. The essay briefly describes the background of Tim Costello where education and his family history aspects are analyzed. The leadership of Tim has also been explained by looking at the special talents that he had that made the world vision succeed in achieving its objectives. Various theories have been explored in the process of explaining the leadership of the leader to give the readers some more insights concerning leadership.

The actions of Tim Costello that do describe his leadership style are also explored. The challenges that Tim Costello faced are explored to explain the key challenges that do face leaders in the process of discharging their obligations. The way the leaders responded to the challenges has been explained with a suggestion given on how better he could have responded to solve the issues. Lastly, I have explained what I learned about leadership considering the leadership of Tim Costello. Background information of Tim Costello Tim Costello was born in the year 1955 in Melbourne and grew in the Blackburn suburb.

The parents of Costello were Anne and Russell while his siblings were Peter and Janet. Costello is the CEO of the world Vision Australia and the Baptist minister in Australia. He went to Carey Baptist Grammar school. Costello is said to have studied been a student at Monash University graduating with a bachelor's degree in jurisprudence in the year 1976 and a bachelor of law in the year 1978. Costello after graduating practiced criminal law and family law.

In the year 1981, Tim Costello traveled with the wife to Switzerland to study theology where after the graduation he went to Australia and became the minister in the Baptist church (Coslovich, 2006). Later he joined Whitley College where he acquired a master of theology. Costello was ordained as the minister of the Baptist church in the year 1987 where he assisted in the process of rebuilding the congregation with the help of his wife. He practiced as a solicitor part-time where he began a legal office (Desmond, 2012).

In the year 1999 to 2002. Costello was working as the Baptist Union president. Costello became the CEO of world vision in the year 2012 being paid $258,718. In the year 2014, he was given the award of Victorian of the year as the recognition of his service to the community and public (Browne, 2005). He also received an award for being the winner of peace prize in Australia in the year 2006 where he was listed as one of the national living treasures by the National Trust. The political career of Costello involved being elected as a mayor in the year 1993 in the council of St Kilda.

He was very popular for championing democracy for the locals and clashes with Jeff Kennett of the premier of Victoria. Costello was being attacked for being un-Victorian for speaking against the actions of Kennett (Coslovich, 2006). The political career of Costello the moment the position of mayor was abolished in the St Kilda council after reformations in the local government in the year 1994. After the abolishing of the position of mayor in the council he was approached by the Australian Democrats to join the Senate but he declined the offer because he did not want to cause any conflict.


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