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Essays on Comfy Den - the Nature, Number, and Characteristics of Australian SMEs, Factors Influencing SMEs Success and Failure Case Study

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The paper “ Comfy Den - the Nature, Number, and Characteristics of Australian SMEs, Factors Influencing SMEs’ Success and Failure" is a telling example of a case study on marketing. As earlier agreed in the last meeting, you asked for more information on the Australian business environment and the performance of the SMEs here in Australia. The information is provided in this and also herewith is a business plan for the proposal of the financing of the Comfy Den establishment. In addition, some information on Janine Allis is also included in this report.

This project will involve a bed and breakfast establishment around Darwin city in the northern territory. The tourist visitation in the area has been low but there has been a notable increase in the number of visitors both domestically and internationally wanting to experience the various natural sites, beaches and indigenous culture. This has been due to the government intervention which has seen the visitation at Darwin increase with a rate of 4% on March 2010 as compared to the visitation on March last year, visitor nights increased with 14% and expenditure per visitor improved by 10% (Tourism NT march 2010, Para 12).

As a result, this has seen some an (NT 2009, Para 13). According, to the official site of the Northern Territory Tourism ministry the population of the tourists in the area is expected to rise (NT 2010, Para 2). As a matter of fact, Minister McCarthy cited the entry of Tiger Airways service was bound to bring with it an addition to 20,000 tourists. This is just an example of how the face of tourism in the northern territory is expected to change tremendously.

Indeed, the services of the Comfy Den will come in handy with the expected rise in the tourists’ visits. Another major reason why this venture is bound to be fruitful and bring profitability is the strategy of Aviation Futures 2015 (NT 2010, Para 4). According to the NT (2010, Para 3) government, the main strategy will be to grow the number of airline services in the Darwin area. Moreover, this area holds a lot of potential with the rich cultural festivals and events which are held here.

The construction of the waterfront precinct has seen the number of tourists and demand for the holiday and short term accommodation arrangements increase significantly and Comfy will be able to cash on this wave. The Precinct is projected to bring along eleven thousand visitors and with it will also result in seventy-six thousand visitor nights and the economic benefit is approximated to be to the tune of $900,000 (CDU 2009, p. 11). The presence of the government in the territory continues to bear fruits with resuming of airline services in the area.

Another feature that is most likely to attract tourists is the Crocosaurus cove which was opened in 2008 cost a whopping thirty million dollars (CDU 2009, p. 9). 2. Executive summaryThe Comfy Den is a bed and breakfast establishment to be located around Darwin city. The Den will have customized rooms with themes as its core product with the actual product being accommodation and a hearty breakfast. The target market shall be the tourists coming into Darwin to enjoy the indigenous culture, Caesarian beach, and other natural sceneries and the visitors coming to the Caesarian campus a branch of Charles Darwin University.

This makes the establishments unique as other bed and breakfast establishments provide standard service with no tailored products for the needs of different clientele. As a matter of fact, the establishments offer an ordinary service and are away from the Casuarina campus, which offers accommodation to the students taking various studies on its premises. Indeed, Charles Darwin University located in Northern territory provides a reliable market for the enterprise.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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