Essays on Accommodations Issues at James Cooper University in Queensland Case Study

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The paper 'Accommodations Issues at James Cooper University in Queensland" is a great example of an education case study. This report examines accommodations issues at James Cooper University in Queensland, Australia with the aim of providing useful information to a real estate developer. The developer is interested in constructing a student accommodation complex adjacent to the University. The scope of this study is the Townville Campus and its environs where both off-campus and on-campus accommodation options are explored. The University has several accommodation issues that should be investigated to give an understanding of students accommodation needs.

A questionnaire and various secondary sources have been used to obtain the data. The findings indicate that the University has a large population of about ten thousand students, which is a substantial number to an investor. It should be known that more students opt for off-campus accommodation as opposed to on-campus accommodation. This may be due to the limited options and the high cost of renting the accommodation facilities within the University. Additionally, more students prefer full-board accommodation and single occupancy for on-campus arrangements, a preference that is not indicative of the actual situation on the ground.

In fact, more students have opted for self-catering arrangements and shared occupancy. The cost factor and limited options still dictate this scenario; that is students would want to share rooms to cut on accommodation costs or the available options do not meet the requirements of many students. Off-campus students have the advantage to choose among various house types and sizes in Townville besides the options for on-campus accommodations. Other issues that the real estate developer ought to consider include legal factors and student protection by law, disabilities issues, safety and security of student accommodation.

Most students feel safe and secure within University premises. The accommodation options available reflects the cost of living in these facilities. On-campus facilities are more expensive than off-campus accommodation. Moreover, the more diverse services are the more cost the cost of accommodation. Full-board accommodation costs more than self-catering accommodation arrangements. In addition, a three-bedroom house will cost more than a one-bedroom house and so on. These facts lead us to deduce that there is an unexploited opportunity for student accommodation in Townville.

The fact that more students prefer certain accommodation arrangements, yet they have not subscribed to it points to the need to fill that gap. Furthermore, the University plans to expand its accommodation capacity shows the need for accommodation facilities in Townville. It would be feasible for the real estate developer to construct the student accommodation complex given that there is a high demand that has not been met. The things to consider, however, are the cost of renting and provision of the appropriate facilities. INTRODUCTION James Cook University (JCU), one of the premier universities in both Queensland and Australia, has accommodation issues that are of importance to the students.

Its main campuses are situated in Townsville and Cairns. The Townsville campus, of which this study is be based, has about ten thousand students, out of which about 1,500 are international students. The fact that these students require a convenient and reliable place to stay while studying makes it necessary to look into issues of accommodation. This is important to students as well as real estate developers.

Although the university has the responsibility to provide accommodation to students, it may not fully meet their preferences. This, therefore, provides an investment opportunity to real estate developers. On that regard, this report examines the accommodation issues at Townville campus and looks at the options available for the students both on-campus and off-campus. The purpose is to furnish a real estate developer with sufficient and factual information to allow the company to make plans and decisions on the kind of accommodation facility to build for the students. The report, therefore, explores these issues and options by recording down students response and secondary information and providing a brief discussion on these findings before making a recommendation to the real estate developer on the way forward.


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