Essays on Overpopulated High-Rise Housing Fires Coursework

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The paper "Overpopulated High-Rise Housing Fires" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Fires in overpopulated high-rise temporary housing spread more rapidly than a detached single-family unit. According to previous reports, the majority of fires in residential buildings originate from cooking appliances followed by smoker’ s materials and electrical overloading. However, although these agents may be the immediate cause of the fire, occupant’ s carelessness or neglect allow them to happen. Cooking is being done near combustible materials, rubbish is allowed to accumulate, and electrical appliances are misused. Fire incidents and fire deaths continue to happen because the public is not aware of fire safety.

However, their ignorance is not entirely from their lack of concern but mostly due to the absence of effective fire prevention programmes. Ignorance and carelessness are the causes of most fires and much loss of life and therefore fire safety education is necessary. Our report will use the SARA methodology to analyse and determine the causes of fires, identify the proper response, and measure our responses. It will cover the hazard of overcrowding, cooking, tampering electrical supplies, fire regulations, fire safety education, and the importance of media in disseminating information on fire prevention. SARA Methodology John Eck and William Spelman in 1987 introduced the SARA methodology to a huge audience of police officers looking for a way to have an impact on crime problems in their communities, and the SARA approach of Scan, Analyse, Respond, and Assess, has become one of the best-known acronyms in modern policing (Ratcliffe 2008, p. 30).

Similarly, ‘ problem-oriented partnership’ is concerned with identifying public and community issues and realizing efficient ways of managing them. SARA and PAT or Problem Analysis Triangle are generally used in POP.

In Britain, in appreciation of the significance of partnership in crime prevention, the term problem-oriented partnership is often substituted for problem-oriented policing (Tilley 2005, p. 766). In our report, SARA will be used to scan, analyse, respond, and assess fire-related community safety issues-particularly in overpopulated temporary high-rise housing.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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