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The paper "Importance of Community Safety" is a great example of management coursework.   Community safety is the backbone of the success of most activities that are carried out. Community safety should not be restricted to anti-social behaviour, healthy inequalities and prosperity, but also in incidents that are related to fires and accidents.   Scanning There are frequent fires in estates and commercial buildings. It occurs when the people who are using electrical and home appliances use the appliances without proper safety measures. The problem is brought about by carelessness of the people and poor quality property developers.

The economy, society and environment are affected by the consequences of emergency and safety-related problems. Analysis Ignorance and negligence is the root cause of most of the problems that affect community safety. The community does not have enough knowledge of the importance of ensuring fire safety. Lack of fire safety and short-circuiting are the root causes of the fires that are witnessed in the buildings resulting in degradation of the environment. Moreover, poor enforcement of the regulation and standards is also the causative agents of non-compliance to community safety. Response The objective of the fire and rescue department is to reduce the number of emergencies resulting in a decrease of injuries, fire case and fatalities.

The short-term strategy includes educating the community on the importance of community safety. Medium-term ensures that quality services such as wiring and installation of fire depressors to reduce the chances of a fire occurring are in place. Long-term strategies include enforcing properly the legislative and standards that are in place and bringing together multi-agencies organizations to solve the problem. Assessment The success of the strategies that have been developed is seen in the decrease of a number of emergencies, and its impacts both to the community and to the economical sector.

Available data has shown that the strategies have worked.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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