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1.0 SARA MethodologyScanningThere are frequent fires in estates and commercial buildings. It occurs when the people who are using electrical and home appliances uses the appliances without proper safety measures. The problem is brought about by carelessness of the people and poor quality property developers. The economy, society and environment are affected by the consequences of emergency and safety related problems. AnalysisIgnorance and negligence is the root cause of most of the problems that affect community safety. The community does not have enough knowledge of importance of ensuring fire safety. Lack of fire safety and short-circuiting are the root causes of the fires that are witnessed in the buildings resulting in degradation of the environment.

Moreover, poor enforcement of the regulation and standards is also the causative agents of non-compliance to community safety. ResponseThe objective of the fire and rescue department is to reduce the number of emergencies resulting in decrease of injuries, fire case and fatalities. Short-term strategy includes educating the community on importance of community safety. Medium term ensures that quality services such as wiring and installation of fire depressors to reduce the chances of fire occurring are in place.

Long-term strategies include enforcing properly the legislative and standards that are in place and bringing together multi-agencies organizations to solve the problem. AssessmentThe success of the strategies that have been developed is seen in the decrease of number of emergency, and its impacts both to the community and to economical sector. Available data has shown that the strategies have worked. 2.0 IntroductionCommunity safety is the backbone of success of most activities that are carried out. Community safety should not be restricted to anti-social behaviour, healthy inequalities and prosperity, but also in incidents that are related to fires and accidents.

An important aspect to uphold community safety is through engaging the local community in developing strategies that encourages community safety. Thus, the aim of this report is to analyze the roles that are played by the fire and rescue departments in promoting community safety especially in the build environments. 3.0 Scanning3.1 Main ProblemThere is a rise in the number of fires that are found in the estates and high-rise buildings.

Frequent fires have been witnessed mostly in the high-rise buildings, while minor fires are witnessed in estates. The fire and rescue department plays an important role in reducing and minimizing the complications that are caused by these fires. Moreover, it ensures that the community should stay in a safe environment (Leonard 1998). 3.2 OccurrenceThrough research and previous incidents, the fire and rescue department has found out that the main cause of fires is ignorance by the people who are using the building. Negligence and inconsiderate nature of the people who inhabits these buildings through throwing of cigarettes tub and matchstick anyhow is among the various causes that cause the fire.

Moreover, short-circuiting and overloading of electrical connections and appliances by the people who reside in these buildings is another agent that causes fires. Additionally, flammable materials are placed near fireplaces that are used for cooking. For example, from statistics that is available from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister for the period of 2004 and 2005, shows that 11% of the fires are caused by electrical complications while 53% are due to domestic complications.

Information obtained from the Communities and Local government indicates that there were about four hundred and ninety one deaths in 2006 with fifty five thousand eight hundred fire cases in buildings. 3.3 Consequences of FireFires usually cause loss of property and lives. It brings economic loses and social difficulties and pain due to the people who die. When a building is on fire both the owners of the buildings and the government lose taxes and rental income. For example, data obtained from the Office of the Deputy Prime Minister indicates that the cost of property damage was ₤2.52bn for the period of 2006.

The same report shows that the damage of a commercial building is about ₤43,800, while that for vehicles it averaged at ₤4,400. The cost of responding to the emergency and fire cases is estimated at ₤1.74bn (Office of the Deputy Prime Minister 2008). Apart from the economical and social impact of the fires, the environment also is affected because of the gases and emissions from the building and surrounding fires (Diamantes 2004).

The emissions especially the smoke results in air pollution, may cause medical problems to the immediate inhabitants of the community, and negatively affects the climate. 3.4 Cause of ProblemInhabitants of the buildings are the core cause of the fires. The occupants and other people who access the building are ignorant and neglect risks that are associated with fires. For example, the people lack knowledge and understanding on the day-to-day activities that causes fires e. g. children playing with matchsticks or throwing of half-used cigarette. Additionally, architectural and safety design of the buildings is another cause of the fires.

Health and safety standards is mandatory, an aspect that is neglected by many real estate owners. The loose wires and lack of emergency fire control measures such as alarms and sprinklers are some technical measures that are missing.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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