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The paper "Company Profile of Lenovo Group" is a perfect example of a business case study.   Profiling a company requires an examination of all the business, management, organisation and cultural aspects that the company in question is associated with or identified by. This brief essay seeks to Profile the Personal Computer multinational, Lenovo Group, the third-largest PC manufacturer and vendor in the globe. The company as shall be detailed hereunder, begun as a small Chinese investment with marginal capital and has today grown into a PC supplier with a global footprint. It is without a doubt among the most influential, successful, trendsetting and futuristic companies in business today, the reason why it has been handpicked for this evaluative essay. The essay first details the impressive history of the company before detailing Lenovo’ s company structure and organisation, its main products, manufacturing process and subsidiary products.

The essay will also evaluate Lenovo’ s area of operation and its main trading links as well as its financial structure. To conclude, the essay will evaluate the training provisions in Lenovo’ s organizational policies and the company’ s future prospects. History of the CompanyThe walk to the global market has been long, ambitious and impressively successful for Lenovo Group.

Its track record spells many firsts for a Chinese company and since recently, for a PC company in the world. Lenovo was established in China in 1984 by a group of 11 scientists under the name, New Technology Developer Inc. The initial capital outlay was given by the Chinese Academy of Sciences amounting to a mere US$ 25,000 and the company started operations under the founding chair Liu Chuanzhi. By 1987, they had rolled out a successful Chinese-character card, which received the highest Chinese National Science-Technology Progress Award a year later.

That same year (1988), the company launched its regional offices in Hong Kong changing its name to legend. In 1990, the company launched its first-ever PC changing its role from a certified importing agent of computer products to a PC manufacturer and retailer.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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