Essays on Computer Information System ( Business Analysis) Case Study

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Section 1Question 1In this scenario we have to settle the argument on the establishment of the design of architecture for a new standalone system that will be used to manage projects across the organization. Satzinger et al has stated the structural system design and architectural frameworks that allow and provide guidelines regarding the set of programs should be developed, the main task that we need to accomplish. Here in this structural system design technique we develop a Structure Chart that provides us a basic system development scenario regarding the effective implementation. Here we implement the main principle of the program modules those are loosely coupled and highly cohesive.

Satzinger et al has also discussed about the Object-Oriented Approach system design approach and development. Through this technique we views development information systems as set of working together objects that work jointly to achieve jobs. Satzinger et al has also stated the CASE tools based system development scenario. These tools support effective system design and development for the better system implementation. Here we have main argument is on the architecture for the new system.

The first argues for a Web Services Architecture while the second argues for a Three-Layer Client/Server Architecture. In this system we have to implement the better online security system regarding the better establishment of the safe online data transmission and sharing. In this architecture we have to incorporate effective and well established client server architecture. Here security establishment is more critical because this architecture is accessed through the corporate Intranet. This situation can produce a save area of the system access level between client and server level. This division of levels will establish a restricted access to the organizational resources.

Here we will incorporate the administrative and user password safe accounts those will effectively provide the safe resource sharing and accounts management. Web Services Architecture effective implementation is really essential for the better online services and data sharing among the organizational personals. This services architecture will provide the better online resource sharing and facilities for the approximately twenty project managers. This architecture need to incorporate the physical resource sharing and data movement among all online clients. In the online system we have danger form the data hackers and spamming.

In this case the establishment of network firewall is really effective. This firewall will protect the system form the outside access and inside illegal intrusion. In the scenario of three Layer Client/Server Architecture the basic aim is incorporate fool proof security architecture that will ensure illegal data access. The three layer security architecture will incorporate the three levels of the information security, data access and resource sharing. At each level of system security we will have different access level and privilege level. The main areas or first level will be for the administrative tasks.

This level will provide the better allocation of resources and accounts management. Next at the second level we will provide access to the main and higher rank project managers and organizational executives. This access level will have the privileges for the more enhanced data sharing and resource usage. This level will be more privileged as compared to least level of the access.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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