Essays on Overpopulated Temporary High-Rise Housing of Workers Assignment

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The paper "Overpopulated Temporary High-Rise Housing of Workers" is an outstanding example of a case study on management. Assessing the problem with SARA Methodology Scanning the problem The common problem with overpopulated high-rise temporary housing is the lack of fire safety awareness among workers. Cooking their food in places near highly combustible materials. Tampering electrical supplies and overload appliances. Employer’ s disregard of building regulations and ineffective enforcement of laws by concern authorities. Fires injure not only workers but also firefighters and other responding personnel. Analysis of the problem Ignorance of fire safety and lack of effective fire safety campaigns.

Overcrowding resulting in overheating appliances. Insufficient space resulting in cooking outside the kitchen or designated areas. Tampering of electrical and gas supply due to insufficient utility outlet. Response Fire detection devices and continuous fire safety education. The use of media to widely and effectively spread fire safety messages. Assessment Effective fire safety education reduced fire incidents and casualties in the UK. Fire safety education focusing on fire detection devices effectively encourages the public to take fire safety seriously. Partnership with various agencies particularly the media positively results in the effective dissemination of fire safety messages. Introduction “ Fire is often unwanted, unexpected, disastrous and costly, both in terms of human life and business costs” (Perry 2003, p. 1).

Fire kills more people than all-natural disasters combine and it is the third leading cause of accidental death in the home. Many fires are caused by a brief moment of carelessness and preventable thus it is important to be aware of potential fire hazards in the home. Fires in buildings develop differently to fires in the outdoors and the speed at which they spread takes most people completely by surprise.

Fires in an overpopulated high-rise temporary housing can be very dangerous and can injure migrant workers, the fire and rescue personnel, and other responders. Moreover, the building may sustain structural damage and the employer may lose workers affecting production. The focus of this paper is to investigate fire incidents occurring in overpopulated high-rise temporary housing using the SARA methodology.


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