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The paper "Queensland Prefabricated - Marketing Strategies" is a good example of a marketing case study.   Queensland Prefabricated PTY. LTD concrete product manufacturing company supplying the best and latest technology in concrete construction. Queensland Prefabricated company products include pre-tensioned concrete and prefabricate concrete. These products are superior to the traditional concrete mixed at the construction site because they are more durable, time-saving, easily portable, and easily adaptable for whatever purpose the customer may be seeking. The range of products offered includes roof trusses, roof trees, columns, beams, panel walls, foundations sockets, and bridge girders.

The company plans to extend this range of products in the future to larger products such as beams, balconies, lintels, floor slabs, or piles. The main objective of Queensland Prefabricated is to improve the way that construction work is done in terms of decreasing the resource constraints in the form of time and money. The interests of the investors will be to ensure that the product is manufactured as quickly as possible, and a market realized soon after that. Once the market is realized and beachhead established, sales are to begin soon after. A team of highly competent and appropriate professionals has been put together to ensure that the company is a success.

The team ranges from senior management to the leadership below that, engineers, sales personnel, among others. Employees are selected based on a set of requirements, especially high-level employees. All this ensures the quality of the products and services offered by Queensland Prefabricated. The strengths of this company are: High Productivity: Pre-tensioned and prefabricated concrete can be produced rapidly and be stored easily. High Quality: Manufacture of outcome is done in a laboratory with special equipment.

This means that product quality is ensured and quality control easily is done. Employee skills: Having skilled employees affect the quality of production. Research and Development capabilities: the company will be continually reevaluated and research continually is done to ensure the company keeps developing and progressing in a positive direction. Logistic Channels and Quickness of Distribution: Efficiency in delivery helps builders and construction companies to complete their constructions faster than they have been able to do in the past. goals that it has set.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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