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Concept Paper: Health and Crime ProblemProblem: Use of high-risk alcohol and drugs on college campuses create health problems and problem of increased crime rate leading to arrest. Evidence1: The data published by US department of Education gives the number of arrests for three consecutive years on college campuses. Figure 1: Alcohol/Drugs Abuse Arrests200120022003Liquor27,64130,40630,764Drugs1256512,39312,756Source: US Department of EducationEvidence 2: According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and AlcoholismEvery year approximately 1700 college students die from alcohol related causes. Driving while intoxicated have increased since 1998 from 2.3 million students to 2.8 million More than 696,000 students are assaulted by other students who have been drinkingMore than 97,000 students are victims of alcohol-related sexual assaults or date rape. Evidence 3: According to the College Alcohol Study (CAS) of Harvard University’s school of Public Health, alcohol is the preferred choice of drug on college campuses.

Use of Marijuana is highest at 36 percent. The use of club drug (Ecstasy) is on the rise. Solution: As a result of the five point program proposed in this paper, there will be a significant drop in number of deaths caused by alcohol and drugs abuse.

The rate of assault by drinking students will go down and there will be a predominant decrease in number of alcohol-related sexual assaults or date rapes. The Five Point Program includes the following measures: Encourage Report of Alcohol related offences: Most of the crimes go unnoticed because they are not reported. Most of the crimes are not reported because of the following reasons: No confidence in punishment systemFear of reprisalNo loss/damage to self so people don’t botherUnable to contact the right authoritiesThis behavior encourages the offenders and they do not fear punishment.

If crimes get reported, most of the offenders will be scared of being recognized. Fear of public humiliation will demoralize the students from drinking and there by getting involved in criminal behavior. Anonymous and confidential reporting of criminal offences: Students who do not want to be conspicuous of having named the offenders should be allowed to report under a confidentiality program. Anonymous callers should be encouraged to report instance of alcohol parties and drug abuses on campus premises. Placing an anonymous call to the campus authorities is less apprehensive.

This will help in gate-crashing on alcohol and drug parties by campus authorities. Social Marketing Campaign: Raising awareness by display of health hazard data. By reading such displays on notice boards, canteens, health clubs and other places, students will be in a position to take informed decisions. Emphasizing harmful effects on such displays will discourage some students from consuming alcohol or drugs. Parental Notification Policy: For most students it is important to be good in their parental perceptions. They would generally not want to be caught taking alcohol or drugs by their parents.

If the campus starts informing the parents of their wards activities on this front, most of the students will be discouraged in their use of alcohol or drugs. Disciplinary Action: A proper system of punishment and disciplinary action will discourage most of the students.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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